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This is for all the Doubters!

This is for all the Doubters!

This is Heath – and this is for the DOUBTERS!! Huge Pro-Tip here for those of you thinking about getting Natural Release® for your Muscle and Joint stresses and Strains. This is NOT just another same-ol’ muscle rub.

 Below is a GREAT story about how the Walmart Lady discovered Natural Release.
Heath, VP


Does NO THRUSH® Powder work in Wet Weather?  YES!

Does NO THRUSH® Powder work in Wet Weather? YES!

All No Thrush® newbies have the same question, especially in the wet months. Here is a great look at EXACTLY how to use NT Powder to get excellent results year-round. Please share with your friends who have not tried No Thrush® and who may be skeptical about using a “powder” in the rain. Follow these tips and you will deat sulcus thrush (heel cracks) fast.
Cheers, Heath, VP
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Here are some Before / After Examples.

Learn More About Sulcus Thrush. Click for the FULL STORY

Learn More About Sulcus Thrush. Click for the FULL STORY
How to Get Social Media Sponsors – From an Actual Sponsor!

How to Get Social Media Sponsors – From an Actual Sponsor!

Learn How to Get Social Media Sponsors – Directly from the Source!
This is a one-off post for our page, but after years of working with our Sponsored Riders and Social Media Influencers, I’ve discovered there is too much confusion and misinformation regarding why and how we product owners decide to spend our hard-earned money. Please forward this to your social media friends and family – and to loved ones who are looking for sponsors to help cover their sporting costs. They will absolutely need to know this MUST-HAVE information.
Be sure to ask any questions on the Facebook post (Link Below). After all, if you know what we company owners (ie people who are paying you money and free products) are looking for, you will have a tremendous advantage toward building your name and your brand. 
Cheers, Heath

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We are LOVING the new Natural Release® Muscle and Joint Roll On.  Not only does it provide the perfect amount of product, but you get a massage, too!

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The gel and the spray are some add’l options.  Below is a GREAT story about how how the Walmart Lady discovered Natural Release.
Heath, VP


How to Use NO THRUSH Powder on Scratches, Mud fever, and Greasy Heel

How to Use NO THRUSH Powder on Scratches, Mud fever, and Greasy Heel

How to Use All Natural NO THRUSH Powder on Scratches, Mud fever, and  Greasy Heel

In the last two days, I have received seven separate calls from people dealing with a bad case of Scratches. They have tried all the soaks, shampoos and sprays and nothing has worked. Finally, they did a deep internet dive and found information about No Thrush ® Powder. Yes, it does work. You might not have noticed, but it’s right there on the bottle.


The introduction, ie: “The Caution.”

NT powder works extremely well for the worst cases of Scratches (AKA Greasy heel and Mud Fever) BUT you have to use it as directed.

Years ago researchers from UC Davis were clinically testing NT on scratches. After a week they called and said, “Sorry, but it’s just not working.” Well of course since we had used it successfully a hundred times at our own barn, I asked them to walk me through their protocol…. It turns out they completely ignored the directions printed on the bottle. After they followed the below protocol, they got great results.  Their photos are in the last photo journal on this page.

Let me get to the point. Our powders work exactly opposite from the shampoos, soaks, and sprays you have likely purchased in the past.

No Thrush ® is a “dry” powder for a reason.

Our belief is that by constantly washing and pulling scabs, you are giving the bacteria exactly what it wants – A constantly moist and raw area to breed. Also by softening and removing the scabs, you are releasing the bacteria back out into the wild.  This is why when we wash and pull the scabs, scratches tend to move around. Suddenly it has moved up the leg or around to the front. The photo below is from one of the gals I spoke with this week. You can see that while she did not remove the scabs, she was washing twice a day. (Again, giving the bacteria a moist place to thrive.)


Scratches (AKA Greasy heel / Mud Fever)

Finally, to the Solution.

Here is how to use No Thrush ® for scratches – and also what to expect as you go.

  1. First, I have to emphasize. Do not wash and do not pull scabs.  Sure, you can use a damp towel and gently wipe away mud and debris, but leave the scabs alone. We don’t want to soften them so don’t hose them down, etc, If you remove them you are going 3 steps forward and 2 steps back
  2. Puff the powder onto the scratches area and gently pat the powder into the coat and skin. (See screenshot below.)
  3. The immediate goal is to absorb all the leakage and create scabs ASAP. If there is a lot of discharge, it’s worth your time to apply several times a day for the first few days. This is not mandatory, but it will speed up the process if you can dust as soon as a bit of leakage breaks through.
  4. Now we have scabs. Yay.  Be warned, these scabs will be chunky and ugly. You will be beside yourself to want to pull them off. Patience please.
  5. Keep dusting at least once per day.  If the horse occasionally knocks off a scab and you see bleeding, that’s fine, just dust over it again and the powder will staunch, absorb, and dry.
  6. The time frame from the messy 1st day to full hair regrow is typically 20-30 days. Some extreme cases may take a few extra days.
  7. PRO TIP. If your horse gets scratches every year, simply start doing a “maintenance dusting” once a week before the season begins.  This will keep you out of the cycle entirely.

Here is one last example so you can see the beginning, middle, and end of the process.  Notice that when the scabs fall off on their own, the hair regrowth has already occurred.

no thrush and scratches.

That is it. It takes some days, but you have just spent less than one minute a day to fix your horse, versus the hour a day you were spending with all the washing, soaking, and fretting.

Good Luck and Cheers

Heath Kizzier, VP.


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