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Important NO THRUSH Videos All In One Spot

Important NO THRUSH Videos All In One Spot

Good day to all. To make your life easier, we have put important No Thrush (known Internationally as “NT DRY” ) here in one spot.

  • Video 1: An excellent deep dive into thrush.
  • Video 2: This  shows how to best use No Thrush on Thrush, Scratches, Rain Rot, and more.
  • Video 3. We LOVE the way this farrier teaches a great way to get NT powder into the heel.  Notice the “rolling” action.
  • Video 4: This is another good Farrier Video and another way to get NT powder into the sulcus.
  • Video 5: This is a farrier demo showing why he uses No Thrush/NT Dry with hoof packing and gels.

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Learn about Natural Release

Learn about Natural Release

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On this page you will find Testimonials (we particularly like the full story-length stories), and a “What is it and how is it different” Video. Of course, there are Shop Here buttons along the way, which will take you to the product page.

To find the All-Natural Ingredient list and read the complete product details you can go to the Gel Order Page or the Spray Order Page (The gel and spray are the same product, just a different viscosity.)




Here are some reviews from customer emails we’ve received; a few from Instagram/FB; and others from some of our favorite Animal Health e-commerce sites’

  • Nov 12, 2021 By myequlife via Instagram
    “My daughter woke up sobbing last night because couldn’t walk, her growing pains in her legs were so bad. I rubbed the Natural Release on her and within 5 minutes she was asleep!!!  Thank you Four Oaks Farm!”
  • Jan 20, 2020  Amnada Smith – Barrel Racer via Facebook Review
    amanda_testimonialI tried Natural Release for my barrel horse that has been having stiffness in her poll and TMJ area. She also gets a little sore in her lower back. I have been told by my bodyworker to massage her poll to keep it from getting stiff. well, this was a task. She didn’t want me touching her poll and it literally felt hard to the touch behind her ears. I tried the muscle wash and after about 10 min she let me work on her poll and you could feel the muscles were less stiff and had softened.
    I am sold!
  • Donna B  

    I have been using the Natural Release for years on me and my husband. This is awesome stuff. I use it on a lot of sore areas of our bodies. Shoulders, back, legs and neck. I have found it relieves muscle tightness and cramps. I highly recommend this for both human and horses. For my horse I have used it for his back and hocks. It just works!!

  • February 15, 2019 by Katy B.Very effective product
    “Was VERY effective on our horse with muscle strain in his back. He has gone from a painful “Lawn ornament” back to a solid mover apparently pain-free. Love the product”
  • Nov 6th, 2021  Heidi  K.
    “The Natural Release is my all-time favorite. Use it immediately after you fall off and you are no longer sore, use it on your achy joints or pinched nerves! You can rub it on your horses’ legs, on their back, stifles, hocks, knees and shoulders before your ride to loosen them up, and then to relax them after. Both you and your horse will feel the difference almost immediately.I try everything until I find my favorite products, ones that I cannot live without, and stick to them! These are must-haves in my tack trunk, down by the arena, in my medicine cabinet at home & the cross ties at all times!!”


  • May 9, 2018 by Patti P. (CA, United States)
    “Works wonders for tired/sore muscles and arthritis”
  • Nancy G. (verified owner)  

    Works Wonders for Horse and Human! I first purchased this for my horse, but it never made it to the barn initially. I tore my rotator cuff and bicep. My order had just arrived so I thought, if it’s good enough for my horse, it’s good enough for me. Oh my goodness! I used it both before and after surgery. It relieved pain almost immediately, and helped with swelling and bruising. I have used it on my horse with equally great results! He had a torn tendon and has some arthritis in his stifles and hocks as well as some ringbone in his right front. This has worked wonders both on swelling and his level of comfort which is most important to me. I love that it doesn’t have the menthol heat or odor! My grandson used it on his horse who had fallen and had a bad muscle tear in her hindquarters with equally wonderful results. Recently, the day after baling hay, some of the barn workers were complaining of sore muscles in their arms and across their shoulders. I suggested that they use the gel which they did and expressed almost immediate relief. Now, if anyone complains of sore muscles or neck, they say, “Go get that stuff that Nancy has. It really works!” I am now “gifting” people with a bottle to use both for their horses and themselves! I am a nurse, so I recognize the benefits of the ingredients; I also am quickly leaning toward natural products whenever possible instead of loading my horse, and myself, up with drugs and chemicals. This product REALLY WORKS! Thank you Four Oaks Farm! Oh, and by the way, the customer service is awesome! Questions are answered quickly and the product is usually shipped out the same day.

  • May 17, 2021 Received via email
    “From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this product. I originally purchased this for my horse 2 years ago because he was so body sore. Because of his sensitivity to everything under the sun, naturally (like the good horse mom I am) I tried it on myself first. Glad I did. I have a facial and neck spam that I have been treating with this product that has greatly reduced my requirements to see my neurologist for 14 botox injections into my neck, back, and face.Well even better, I have been using this now on my thoroughbred who is starting to feel better in his body. This is a horse who has made chiropractors gape their mouths with his neck issues, he has exhausted the best of bodyworkers and almost killed 2 veterinarians attempting to acupuncture him. I am also a CVT for the past 20 years and I have never seen such dramatically positive results with any type of product like this. Here is a video that shows how much muscle relaxation he’s starting to find and trying to open up the neck that has been deemed too locked to adjust and his thoracic sling syndrome issues.
    OH, we also love the no thrush powder too.”
    Adrienne A., CVT

VIDEO “What is Natural Release and why is it different?”


  • Feb 4, 2020 by Amanda.
    “Really great product! My new favorite!”
    I keep the big bottle in my tack room and the smaller spritzer size in my own medicine cabinet. I know it works because it works for me! Great stuff!
  • November 9, 2021
    @defiant_gym – Instagram  [ Home gym of @charles_valhalla_bisset  9X MMA Muay Thai World Champion]
    “Feeling sore?! Try out @fouroaksproducts !!!! Muscle aches n pains are not an issue anymore!
  • Amazon – Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2020
    Verified Purchase
  • Reviewed in the United States on August 26, 2021
    Verified Purchase
    One person found this helpful.”
  • Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2018
    Verified Purchase
  • Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2021
    Verified Purchase
  • Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2020
    Verified Purchase
  • Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2018
    Verified Purchase
  • EQUINE – LOCKED UP SACRUM – Condensed from lengthy Facebook post on February 23 2016 (NOTE: Vets and chiropractors had recommended euthanasia due to this extensive muscular problem.
    “….Last Wednesday (January 13th, 2016) was the first application of NATURAL RELEASE. I did it in the evening before tucking her in for the night. I sprayed her lumbar area, plus her entire left hindquarter from her lower back, over the rump, and down to her hamstring. It was mainly her left side that was the problem. I massaged the product into her fuzzy winter coat, ensuring that the product got all the way down to the skin. As I rubbed the product in, I could feel her tense, tight muscles. It felt like I was rubbing Granite. I covered her with durable turnout sheet for the night before I left.
    The next morning I arrived and pulled off her sheet. I grabbed the NATURAL RELEASE bottle and stepped to her rear end to check her muscle tone to see if there had been any improvement.As an endurance rider, I am very familiar with how to check muscle tone. Basically, you stand at the hind end and use the heel of your hand to press on the hamstring area. As you press down and release, the muscle should bounce back. Ideally, the muscle should feel like Jello. Endurance horses are graded “A” down to “D.” The looser the muscle, the better the score on your vet card. The previous evening, Maggie would have easily scored a “D” for her rock-hard muscles. Her right side was more normal and probably would have scored a “B” or so.
    So after I pulled off her sheet, I pressed against her left hamstring. I carefully watched her ears since tight muscles can be quite painful and a horse in pain will often kick out when you apply pressure. I pressed and released. The muscle yielded to pressure and bounced back! I was in shock and awe. I pressed again and released, thinking it must have been a fluke. The muscle bounced back again! I then started pressing all over the area that I had treated and the rump and lower back muscles yielded easily to my pressure.
    I called Tobi over. “Feel my horse’s butt! She isn’t cramping!” Tobi came over and felt it. She agreed that the muscle was loose. In fact, we could find little difference between the left side and the right side. I continued to press all over the left side of her hindquarters, amazed at the difference one application had made. I started laughing! Maggie turned her head to look at me and my laughter abruptly changed to tears of joy. She was suddenly able to turn her head to the left! Completely to the left! Her nose was at her girth area as she was staring at me with both eyes facing me!
    One application of NATURAL RELEASE had not only loosened up her hind end, but it had done what two chiropractic visits had failed to do: loosen up her neck to the point where she could flex laterally to the left with ease. And I hadn’t even applied it to her neck! But since everything is connected, I am now guessing that the “neck problem” was directly related to her hind end issue.
    I decided to skip doing multiple treatments every day and instead decided to just do a single treatment at night before tucking her in. After the second treatment (done on Thursday pm, January 14th and checked Friday am, January 15th) there was no difference between how “bouncy” her muscles were on either hamstring. By Saturday morning (January 16th) her left hamstring was actually far looser than her right! So I went ahead and started applying the product to her right side as well. By Sunday morning (January 17th) her whole hind end was so loose and healthy that any endurance vet out there would have given her an “A+” on muscle tone! And that was after exactly four treatments!….”
    Sheri D – Facebook post.
  • BACK PAIN: Email Received – April 2016
    “OK, I’m impressed. I had a monster knot in my back this morning when I woke. It was one of those that make you walk crooked. My wife had already left, so I couldn’t ask her to lend me some thumbs. The little sample bottle of NATURAL RELEASE that you sent with our order was in the medicine cabinet. I tried to give it go but couldn’t reach the spot back there. Just out of reach. I wandered out to the barn where my wife keeps the big bottle we bought. This has a sprayer. Still unable to reach, and unable to massage it in without help, I leaned over and gave a couple of sprays and let it dry. By the time I got in and fixed a cup of coffee the knot was gone. I felt a tiny lingering tug where the knot had been, but I had to mentally search for it. By the time I reached work, I had forgotten about it completely.
    Tonight I told my wife about it, and she asked me to get some more. While I was on your website I saw your email, figured I’d say thanks. So…. Thanks. My day was better than it would have been.”
    Mike K. Gillette ,WY April 2016

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How to Use NO THRUSH Powder on Scratches, Mud fever, and Greasy Heel

How to Use NO THRUSH Powder on Scratches, Mud fever, and Greasy Heel

How to Use All Natural NO THRUSH Powder on Scratches, Mud fever, and  Greasy Heel

In the last two days, I have received seven separate calls from people dealing with a bad case of Scratches. They have tried all the soaks, shampoos and sprays and nothing has worked. Finally, they did a deep internet dive and found information about No Thrush ® Powder. Yes, it does work. You might not have noticed, but it’s right there on the bottle.


The introduction, ie: “The Caution.”

NT powder works extremely well for the worst cases of Scratches (AKA Greasy heel and Mud Fever) BUT you have to use it as directed.

Years ago researchers from UC Davis were clinically testing NT on scratches. After a week they called and said, “Sorry, but it’s just not working.” Well of course since we had used it successfully a hundred times at our own barn, I asked them to walk me through their protocol…. It turns out they completely ignored the directions printed on the bottle. After they followed the below protocol, they got great results.  Their photos are in the last photo journal on this page.

Let me get to the point. Our powders work exactly opposite from the shampoos, soaks, and sprays you have likely purchased in the past.

No Thrush ® is a “dry” powder for a reason.

Our belief is that by constantly washing and pulling scabs, you are giving the bacteria exactly what it wants – A constantly moist and raw area to breed. Also by softening and removing the scabs, you are releasing the bacteria back out into the wild.  This is why when we wash and pull the scabs, scratches tend to move around. Suddenly it has moved up the leg or around to the front. The photo below is from one of the gals I spoke with this week. You can see that while she did not remove the scabs, she was washing twice a day. (Again, giving the bacteria a moist place to thrive.)


Scratches (AKA Greasy heel / Mud Fever)

Finally, to the Solution.

Here is how to use No Thrush ® for scratches – and also what to expect as you go.

  1. First, I have to emphasize. Do not wash and do not pull scabs.  Sure, you can use a damp towel and gently wipe away mud and debris, but leave the scabs alone. We don’t want to soften them so don’t hose them down, etc, If you remove them you are going 3 steps forward and 2 steps back
  2. Puff the powder onto the scratches area and gently pat the powder into the coat and skin. (See screenshot below.)
  3. The immediate goal is to absorb all the leakage and create scabs ASAP. If there is a lot of discharge, it’s worth your time to apply several times a day for the first few days. This is not mandatory, but it will speed up the process if you can dust as soon as a bit of leakage breaks through.
  4. Now we have scabs. Yay.  Be warned, these scabs will be chunky and ugly. You will be beside yourself to want to pull them off. Patience please.
  5. Keep dusting at least once per day.  If the horse occasionally knocks off a scab and you see bleeding, that’s fine, just dust over it again and the powder will staunch, absorb, and dry.
  6. The time frame from the messy 1st day to full hair regrow is typically 20-30 days. Some extreme cases may take a few extra days.
  7. PRO TIP. If your horse gets scratches every year, simply start doing a “maintenance dusting” once a week before the season begins.  This will keep you out of the cycle entirely.

Here is one last example so you can see the beginning, middle, and end of the process.  Notice that when the scabs fall off on their own, the hair regrowth has already occurred.

no thrush and scratches.

That is it. It takes some days, but you have just spent less than one minute a day to fix your horse, versus the hour a day you were spending with all the washing, soaking, and fretting.

Good Luck and Cheers

Heath Kizzier, VP.


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Hi, I’m Heath Kizzier, VP of Four Oaks Farm Sport Horse Rehabilitation and Reconditioning Centre, and Four Oaks Products. The cover photo above is the same horse Before / after treatment with No Thrush Powder  The dimple in the heel on the right is what we want. Let’s look at another before / after example below. These were provided by Josephine Trott, PhD UC Davis during a clinical trial of No Thrush powder, [Published in the Horse’s Hoof Magazine, Issue 41- Winter Issue 2010]

NO THRUSH Powder Photo Journal – 37 Days Total






Below we will discuss how to fix this, but first, let’s discuss what a heel crack (Sulcus Crack) is:

A “heel crack” (an opening into the sulcus) is the number one warning sign of thrush. These cracks are not natural. In fact, they are wounds created by bacteria as it seeks a way to get inside the foot. The tissue between the heel bulbs is soft and pliable, so the bacterium burrows in and creates a breeding ground. This breeding ground is warm and moist inside, so until we completely eliminate the crack, we should expect a thrush invasion at least 3-4 times per year.


Normally people only treat for thrush when they see and smell the “black goo.” But with sulcus thrush (thrush inside the crack) you can’t see or smell the goo – so you literally don’t know it’s in there.  Often, though, what you do know is that your horse is mysteriously going “off” several times a year. Perhaps you start treating muscles, hocks, and stifles, but the horse is just…well…. off!

In the case of sulcus thrush, the horse is Off because his heel is infected and he is walking with a toe-first landing. He can’t land on his heel. If he is a barrel horse or jumper, (or any sport horse), he absolutely can not perform at his best because he can’t properly plant his foot in the sand.

The result of toe-first landing???

That barrel horse will take wide crow-hopping turns, ruining your time. The racing thoroughbred must shorten his stride to avoid the pain (not good in a race!).  The worst scenario is for jumpers and eventers.  Every time that horse takes a jump he will take extreme impact on an improperly angled foot. That is guaranteed to cause soft tissue damage in his legs. At our Rehabilitation Centre we’ve seen dozens of incredible Jumpers lose their career due to this.

Click Here to read a True Story on how thrush can easily destroy a career. 

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The Good News:

There is a solution. We can help regrow the heel back to its healthy (closed) state with NO THRUSH Powder. 


Before we start the “product Talk,” let’s discuss exactly what occurs inside the Heel Crack


Simple answer… Because when we horse owners no longer see the black goo we stop treating. We think we have beaten back the thrush and we move on to other things.  But the truth is, that was a temporary fix because tomorrow a whole new host of bacteria will find its way back in there. There is no way around it. Then, when moisture is introduced via rain, urine, or even water bucket slop-over, thrush has everything it needs to restart the infection process.

WARNING:  If you have been using a liquid thrush product, whether you buy it or make it yourself (ie: Bleach) be sure to research the ingredients. If it is caustic, do not use it on sulcus thrush. The term “Caustic” means that the PH level is excessively high or low. If it is caustic it will, of course, kill bacteria – however, it also damages live tissue. EX: Bleach, even a 10% solution, absolutely destroys open tissue.

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This is Sulcus Thrush

Now we are going to discuss how to use NO THRUSH ® Powder to solve this problem and get from point A – to – Z.


Clean the foot with your pick. If the footing is damp, use a rag to wipe off any excess moisture. Puff the powder into the clefts, around the shoe, and then brush it in with your hoof brush. MOST IMPORTANT: Puff plenty of powder into the heel crack. Don’t be shy. Use your hoof pick to wiggle and manipulate the powder all the way inside. Your horse might be sore from the infection. If so, be as aggressive as he will let you. Over the course of a few days, the lameness will lessen as the product dries up the sulcus tissue and you can get more firm with your application.

In normal circumstances, it will take 3-5 days to kill all the thrush bacteria. (No more black goo or smell.) See the photos below to see a terrible case of Sulcus thrush


DAY 1:  All this thrush is internal. This is the worst because you can’t actually see the black goo. The actual frog and sole look fine. The thrush lurks below!


DAY 1:  Dusting with NO THRUSH Powder. Note how the powder is wicking up the moisture inside the sulcus? It works that fast.


DAY 4: This is great progress. The crack is closing and the heel tissue is reconnecting properly. Also, his heels are much, much firmer. He is no longer lame. NOW ON TO STEP 2!

Step 2.

No! We are not finished.  We have killed the thrush – but now we need to get the heel closed up and “healed.” If you stop now, a new troupe of bacteria will jump right back inside the crack.

Fortunately, step two is simple. Just keep dusting. Dust the frog and clefts and get the powder into the sulcus crack.  Dust 3-4 times a week until the crack heals over. With a typical case, this should take 20-50 days, depending on how deep the crack was. One note on this… If you have been previously using a caustic thrush product, it will have damaged the internal tissue. This means that it will likely take a bit longer to get from A-to-Z because it takes time for that tissue to recover and become viable again.  Just be a bit patient. After working with thousands of thrush cases I have never seen a sulcus crack not regrow properly.  NO THRUSH® will also help the clefts regrow.  A horse prone to thrush will almost always have collateral grooves that are too deep around the frog. Be sure to always dust the clefts as well as the heels. NT will help the cleft regrowth.

Step 3


Thrush is not “curable.” Once a horse has thrush, he is susceptible. When we look around our barn, it’s obvious: Some horses get it, some don’t.  So once we have eliminated the active thrush and repaired the heel crack, it is good practice to continue using NO THRUSH® on a regular basis (We recommend 3-4 times per month). The powder will keep your horse’s feet healthy and firm, and thrush-free.


Once we come to recognize the patterns of thrush and frog disease and understand how the heel crack plays a crucial role, we will catch the warning signs far in advance. We will readily notice gait changes and temperament changes. In short, we will become proactive instead of reactive. This proactive attitude will save time and money. A year’s worth of maintenance is far less expensive than one call to the vet.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this was helpful. If you are struggling with a case of thrush and have questions, we can help. Call us.  I’m pretty sure we can help. With over 70 horses at our Sport Horse Rehabilitation and Reconditioning Centre, I’m pretty sure we have seen it all.


Heath Kizzier  

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No Thrush Testimonial  – Amazing Story!

No Thrush Testimonial – Amazing Story!

No Thrush Testimonial – Amazing Story!

Dear Heath / No Thrush,
I am looking forward to receiving my Release [Muscle Wash]. I have had such incredible results with No Thrush that I am pretty certain that I will see great results with Release as well.

My gelding could have been the poster horse for No Thrush. When I purchased him in April of 2011 I had no idea that I was also buying the worst case of thrush I had encountered in almost 40 years of horse ownership. He also had the worst case of thrush that two farriers AND two vets had seen in their entire careers. The thrush had eaten his frog and was working hard on destroying his digital cushion in all four hooves. All of the experts agreed that my gelding would never be sound and that the best thing to do was euthanize him.

I was not willing to give up.

We had big plans for that horse!

I tried almost every thrush product on the market and many homemade remedies that are not on the market. I battled that thrush for SEVEN long months. There would be slight improvement, then he would be back to being lame. Picking his hooves became dangerous because his hooves were so sore. I learned that he was Insulin Resistant and that IR horses are prone to thrush. I changed his diet but the thrush continued. I was losing hope.

Then one day I saw another boarder poofing some stuff on her gelding’s hooves. I asked her what it was and she told me it was this great stuff called “No Thrush.” I had seen the stuff somewhere online and had considered trying it, but didn’t because I had already spent HUNDREDS of dollars on other thrush remedies that did not work. She told me that if I ordered No Thrush and if I did not like it, she would buy whatever I had left in the bottle for what I paid for the full bottle. She would even reimburse me for shipping. I felt like I could not lose, so I ordered a bottle that night.

I received my first bottle of No Thrush and really put it to the test the very first day. It was pouring down rain and my gelding was standing fetlock deep in yucky mud. I poofed his hooves like the video showed and left convinced that I had just wasted my time and money.

The next day I thought differently. I picked his hooves and immediately noticed that his hooves did not smell foul. He did not seem so tender when I scraped the mud out of his hooves. Intrigued, I re-poofed his hooves that day. And the next day. And for the next couple of months. His frogs grew back. His lameness went away.

Excited, I booted him with Renegade hoof boots and started riding him. I started training him. I started competing him. I did several endurance rides and also some competitive trail rides. I did parades and obstacle competitions. I trail rode him thousands of miles over the next couple of years in seventeen different states. He won his very first ECTRA competitive trail ride! He became the Number Six NATRC (Novice Division) horse east of the Mississippi River! He became the Number Ten ACTHA (Pleasure Division) horse in the whole state of Alabama!

And he did it without a single lame step.

Unfortunately, my gelding’s story stopped last summer. About four months ago he had a bizarre colic episode and had to be euthanized.

About a month after his death I acquired a little rescue mare. I did not know that she had a locked up sacrum when I got her. The chiropractors have done what she can and she is sound, but the little mare still has muscle spasms in her lower back and hip area. They say there is nothing they can do for the spasms. They say that the mare will likely be a pasture ornament for the rest of her life. They say that she will always have the spasms.

Maybe she will.

Maybe she won’t.

I am going to see if Release can make a difference. And if it does, you will be the first to know! And if it doesn’t, then I can honestly say that I have tried everything worth trying.

Thank you for reading. And thank you for giving my gelding a couple of good years of life.
Sheri D

To learn more – go to the No Thrush page:

For more information about thrush, here is a great video