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Beware of Summer Heel Cracks!

Just because it’s summer, does NOT mean thrush magically goes away…. It just Hides!
Click to watch the video!
In other words, heel cracks are not just a problem in the wet, winter months. In fact, it can become an even bigger deal because most folks aren’t really paying that much attention to the feet. The frog and sole look dry and fine. But stick your hoof pick down inside the crack and see what comes out.
Black goo.
[Also, stay tuned on this page. In a few days, we will show you another bacteria access point that gets ignored in the summer, (and frankly, in the winter, too.) ]
The foot in this video is a prime example. That crack “looks” almost non-existent, right? It is tight and narrow, and almost looks properly closed. But with a little work with the pick, you can see that is not the case. There is an infection inside this foot. Hiding from the SoCal dryness and heat, yet still doing its thing.
Use your NT and get it deep inside the heel like Kathleen does in the video. Also, brush it into the frog and clefts and sole. Make sure the powder touches every surface of the foot. Stay on top of it at least 3-4 times a week until you can absolutely see the bottom of the former crack.
Click this link to read the pro-tips and scroll down that page for the application tips and typical timeframes for treating deep sulcus thrush.
Then, finally, we suggest doing weekly maintenance dustings going forward. Thrushy horses tend to be prone to thrush and it will come back. Weekly dustings will keep you out of the thrush cycle.
If you have a situation where you are unsure, DM us and we will talk you through it.
Cheers, Heath VP