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Where to buy NT DRY in Canada (AKA: No Thrush)

No Thrush Powder is called “NT DRY Heel, Frog, and Coat” ” in Canada and the EU. Same product, just a different label.


Look for “NT DRY” in Canada, UK, EU, AU, NZ and Japan.

Canadians, find NT Dry at your local tack store, or online at
GREENHAWK and all 49 stores. (currently carry the 2.5 oz size. Ask them for the 5.5oz and they can get it.)

NOTE: These links will take you to the NT Dry pages. If you are looking for our other products like NATURAL RELEASE and DUST ON Powder, those are there too! Just run a search in the search bar.

No Thrush (AKA “NT Dry”) was created at Four Oaks Farm Sport Horse Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre,
Simi Valley, CA