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NO THRUSH Blast From The Past

No Thrush creator back in 2010. Here we find Kathleen Busfield working overtime in the garage, [ from where she had banned our cars and took over that space to create and make the first big batches of No Thrush. ]
Wow, how far we have come….. I remember fondly, all those nights sitting up until midnight filling internet orders. Both of us exhausted from our 12-hour day-jobs, but still having fun. I remember how humbled you were that your creation was able to help so many horses and their owners. Each night I watched out of the corner of my eye as you would gently pat each box before you set it into the crate as if sending a bit of yourself out with it.
Though we are now sending out truckloads of pallets instead of a couple crates, I still see that shy, humble joy when random strangers approach you and exclaim that your creation was the only thing that was able to help their horse.
Kathleen, you have made me a proud husband.
PS: You can always find Kathleen at her Four Oaks Farm Sport Horse Rehabilitation and Reconditioning Centre, where her passion for horses and horse health never ceases