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The Product That Started it All
No Thrush® is for thrush, soft frogs and deep deep sulcus thrush.

If your horse has  HEEL CRACKS. CLICK HERE to learn how to fix them – or watch the complete “What is Thrush?” VIDEO

Also Great for scratches!

Natural Release

All Natural. Transdermal Dead Sea Magnesium, Arnica, and Eucalyptus get to the deep tissue to release muscles, joints, and all soft tissue. Can be used before and after your ride.


Wound Powder For wounds, Skin, and Coat.  Fast, Easy, Safe and It won’t damage live tissue.  Just “Dust On!

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Dust On powder kills skunk smell!

Dust On powder kills skunk smell!

Dust On powder kills skunk smell!
This is the 4th time we have used Dust On Powder for skunk smell elimination. We can say that it has been properly tested…

Thanks Amber Alsterlund

Thanks Amber Alsterlund

Thank you Amber. We love to watch you do your thing out in the arena! Thank you for trusting #FourOaksProducts with your horses’ health.

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