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Barn Kit Bundle

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Everything you need in your Barn From Head-to-hoof.

Bundle includes:

  • Natural Release Muscle Spray 16oz
  • No Thrush Powder 5.5oz
  • DUST ON! Wound Powder 2.5 oz

The suggested retail value of this combo is $67.97 when purchased separately.


  • No Thrush 5.5oz (about 60 applications)

    • Easy-to-use powder formula
    • Fine dry particles adhere to the moisture from which thrush originates
    • Safe, all natural ingredients
    • Helps promote healthy hoof regeneration
    • Non-staining
    • Also good for scratches, mud fever, coat fungus, and rain rot
  • Dust On! 2.5-oz  Great for wounds, Skin and Coat (also a coagulant)

    • Takes minutes to apply.
    • Staunch bleeding fast
    • Draw and absorb discharge
    • Create firm, breathable scab
    • Allows the body to heal naturally
    • Also for dehorning/docking
  • Natural Release 16-oz Spray - For Muscles, Joints, and all Soft Tissue

    • All natural and non-oily.
    • Combines Dead Sea magnesium, arnica, and eucalyptus.
    • Soothes fatigued, strained, or bruised muscles and reduces joint pain.
    • Does not include menthol or any heat-inducing ingredients.
    • Can be used under saddles, wraps, and therapeutic blankets.
    • No alcohol, coloring or fillers.

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Weight 36 oz


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