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Goat Hoof and Coat Powder

Great for ALL Farm and Show Animals.

How is Goat - Hoof and Coat Powder™ different than current products on the shelf?

  • It’s a dry powder.
  • Easy and fast to apply. No mess. No smell. It won’t stain clothes or barn facilities.
  • All natural, non-caustic (won’t damage live tissue), no chemicals, no restrictions or bans.
  • Also recommended for preventative care:

Ingredients: Active: 15% feed grade copper salt (copper sulfate pentahydrate) Inert: High-purity airloated kaolin clay, premium Wyoming-grade sodium montmorillonite, bentonite, food-grade diatomaceous earth and oregano powder.

What is it used for?

Foot Rot – Foot Scald

  • Foot rot is the single major cause of economic loss in the commercial breeding of goats and sheep.
  • Hoof and Coat™ non-caustic antibacterial powder draws, absorbs, and eliminates the breeding grounds of bacteria and fungus. It dries and firms up the foot, while drawing out the bacteria that hides between the toes. Removes the smell associated with foot rot.
  • Maintenance: Regular weekly dusting will aid in prevention of foot rot by keeping the bacteria at bay.

Coat Fungus / Rain Scald / Ringworm / Hot Spots / All Topical Skin and Coat Problems.

  • As with foot rot, topical coat and skin problems start with damp conditions. During active use, apply 1-2 dustings of Hoof and Coat™ per day to remove the bacteria/fungus breeding ground and allow the coat to re-grow. It only takes seconds a day. No washing or extra steps needed. Simply puff on, gently rub into the hair, and walk away.
  • For animals with recurring coat problems weekly “prevention” dustings are recommended.

Blood Stop / Wounds

  • Acts as an all-natural “powdered Band-Aid."  (Designed to be used as a start-to-finish wound dressing)
  • Instantly absorbs wound discharge and creates a breathable and protective scab. Will not damage live, tender tissue. It is gentle enough to use without the animal revolting against treatment, and it allows healing without excessive scarring.
  • Safe for use on all farm and show animals. An animal can lick it, but it tastes terrible so they tend to leave it alone.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 7 in

2.5 oz, 10 oz


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