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Natural Release Muscle GEL

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NATURAL RELEASE™ – Get Straight to the Ache! All Natural, Muscle, joint, tendon release, and reduce inflammation. Works in Minutes.

NOTE: This is NOT another menthol rub. No Heat, no scent, no menthol, no alcohol. IMPORTANT – There are multiple sizes. Use the dropdown button to explore. NOTE: If you prefer a spray form, check out the Spray page

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Get Straight to the Ache!

All Natural, Fast Acting,

Natural Release® Muscle Wash

Natural Release® is a fast-acting muscle spray (or gel) that helps reduce muscle and joint stress, discomfort and inflammation. It can be used before or after physical exercise or as needed to help soothe fatigued, strained or bruised muscles and joints. It does not contain menthol or other heat-inducing ingredients, so it can safely be used under saddle, wraps or therapeutic blankets.

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  • All natural and non-oily
  • Combines Dead Sea magnesium, arnica, and eucalyptus
  • Soothes fatigued, strained, or bruised muscles and reduces joint pain.
  • Does not include menthol or any heat-inducing ingredients
  • Can be used under saddles, wraps, and therapeutic blankets
  • No alcohol, coloring or fillers

Item Specifications:

8 oz. Spray
16 oz. Spray
32 oz. Spray
16 oz Gel and 4oz Gel

Dead Sea Magnesium (chloride) hydrate 55% vol, slow-steeped arnica, slow-steeped eucalyptus. Potassium salt (sorbate) and sodium benzoate added as natural preservative.

Directions for Use:
Spray liberally on sore or strained areas. Massage into skin. For lingering strains, reapply after 15 minutes and then every 3-4 hours as desired.


3 sizes + a gel form  The 8 oz. blue bottle is for indoor use. (It's a better sprayer nozzle for personal use). The bigger bottles are for barn use.

For muscle and joint soreness, night cramps, tendon strain, back/shoulder/knee/hip problems, and all general soft-tissue aches and pains. Try it on back/neck knots, tendonitis and muscle cramps! 

Dead Sea Magnesium is a renowned muscle relaxant because it has the remarkable ability to "Transdermally" carry the active Natural RELEASE ingredients through the skin directly to the target area. (Additional ingredients include: low-heat Steeped Arnica, which helps reduce swelling and bruising, and steeped eucalyptus, a natural anti-inflammatory).

Tip: Try it on yourself first! This way you will know how it is working on your horse.

Pro Tip: Athletes, runners, gym enthusiasts: Great for pre and post workouts.

Pro Tip: Great for use with athlete horses/animals.  (Does Not Test per USEF / AEI  Just spray on and rub in.

Pro Tip: Use before bed to alleviate night leg cramps. And use immediately upon active cramp.

****Do Not use on Cats. Felines may react poorly to eucalyptus.

**All ingredients in Natural Release are considered GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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3 reviews for Natural Release Muscle GEL

  1. Nancy G. (verified owner)

    Works Wonders for Horse and Human! I first purchased this for my horse, but it never made it to the barn initially. I tore my rotator cuff and bicep. My order had just arrived so I thought, if it’s good enough for my horse, it’s good enough for me. Oh my goodness! I used it both before and after surgery. It relieved pain almost immediately, and helped with swelling and bruising. I have used it on my horse with equally great results! He had a torn tendon and has some arthritis in his stifles and hocks as well as some ringbone in his right front. This has worked wonders both on swelling and his level of comfort which is most important to me. I love that it doesn’t have the menthol heat or odor! My grandson used it on his horse who had fallen and had a bad muscle tear in her hindquarters with equally wonderful results. Recently, the day after baling hay, some of the barn workers were complaining of sore muscles in their arms and across their shoulders. I suggested that they use the gel which they did and expressed almost immediate relief. Now, if anyone complains of sore muscles or neck, they say, “Go get that stuff that Nancy has. It really works!” I am now “gifting” people with a bottle to use both for their horses and themselves! I am a nurse, so I recognize the benefits of the ingredients; I also am quickly leaning toward natural products whenever possible instead of loading my horse, and myself, up with drugs and chemicals. This product REALLY WORKS! Thank you Four Oaks Farm! Oh, and by the way, the customer service is awesome! Questions are answered quickly and the product is usually shipped out the same day.

    • Heath Kizzier

      Dear Nancy, what an amazing testimony!! We are so pleased that Natural Release has helped you and your horses, and proud that “Nancy’s magic juice” is helping family and friends. Thanks for the order (NOTE: Nancy really did buy a bunch! 🙂 I wish we had sent you more samples in your box so you can hand those out instead of stealing into your personal stock. Next time for sure! Thank you for trying and trusting. As a nurse, that means the world.
      Thank you.

  2. Donna B

    I have been using the Natural Release for years on me and my husband. This is awesome stuff. I use it on a lot of sore areas of our bodies. Shoulders, back, legs and neck. I have found it relieves muscle tightness and cramps. I highly recommend this for both human and horses. For my horse I have used it for his back and hocks. It just works!!

    • Heath Kizzier

      Thank you, Donna! It is always such a pleasure to see your name pop up. Thanks for being such an amazing long-term customer. We love that you have found so many great uses of Natural Release. If you have any arthritis or tendonitis issues, try it for that too! I think you will love it.
      Heath, V.P.

  3. Annie Schack (verified owner)

    Love this stuff…have arthritis in my knees and in my thumbs, and trying to put off surgery for a few months…it WORKS !!!! I’ve already referred this product to a few friends !!

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