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Dust On powder kills skunk smell!

Dust On powder kills skunk smell!

Dust On Powder kills Skunk smell!

Duomo got skunked again! Grrrr.
This is the 4th time we have used Dust On Powder for skunk smell elimination. We can say that it has been properly tested. After a little learning curve, here is what we learned…..
#1. Do NOT wash yet! Skunk oil does not mix well with water.
#2 Puff the Dust On powder everywhere the pet has been hit. Use a bunch.
#3 Grab some gloves and rub the powder into the coat so all areas have been fully coated. (See photo). The powder draws and absorbs the oil out of the coat
#4 Keep the pet outside and let this sit for 10 minutes.
Optional – Spray lemon juice over the skunked area. This is not mandatory, at all, but it will give you that lemony fresh scent.
#5 Grab a hose and do a good wash down with shampoo.
#6 Dry him. You are done. The entire process will take about 20 minutes in total. When you are done, the pet can go back to his spot beside your bed and you won’t even know that the drama occurred. No smell at all.

Oh, and Rock got hit twice, too. Here is his mugshot.

Dust On powder kills skunk smell!

Using DUST ON powder to eliminate skunk oil.

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