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NT Canine Case Studies & Photo Journals

NT Canine Case Studies & Photo Journals

Below you will find a few photos journals with a writeup underneath each. First is Gracie. She has a terrible hotspot on her back. We have queued up several photos from the first few days to show you what to expect, along with “after” photos.

CASE STUDY 1 – Gracie

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  • DAY 1.  This is the cleanup look at what the hot spot looked like after trimming away the hair.
  • DAY 2 – Morning –  You can see how the power from the previous day has absorbed all the mess and drainage. At this point just puff more NT powder onto the wound, and gently pat it so it covers the wound.
  • DAY 2 – Afternoon –  This photo is important. There are 2 aspects to look at. On the right side of the wound, you see proper scabbing. On the left, it’s back to “open.”  What happened is the drainage overpowered the new NT-created scab. Not a problem. We simply cut away the part of the scab that had detached, then re-dusted a couple times during the day. The Goal is to get the scab formed ASAP.
  • DAY 3 –  The scabbing has been fully achieved. Now we are going to dust 1-2 times a day going forward.
  • Day 15 –  This healing is looking great. It’s at this point that we determined that Gracie’s hotspot was likely started by some sort of bug bit / sting. When the scab shrunk and fell off, there was a bright red pinprick that stayed angry for awhile. Gracie likely licked and knawed on that spot, eventually turning it into a hot spot.
  • DAY 20 –  Healing is complete. The hair will continue to regrow and in another week, there will be no sign of the wound whatsoever.

CASE STUDY 2 – Oakley

NT Canine (for small pet) photo journal

We did not take this series. They were sent in by a customer. She said the time frame was right at 30 days with full hair regrowth. It’s interesting that this customer was a sales rep for another animal health company, which sells its own hot spot product. She had used her company’s product for a month prior to starting NT Canine with no success. Photo #1 is where she stopped and switched to NT Canine. She was very gracious to tell us about her experience and even going so far as to give us photos.


  • Gently clean the wound and remove debris. If wet, dry the area.
  • Puff the powder onto the wound, gently patting the powder so it covers the entire area. Use several times a day until a solid scab forms.
  • Do Not Wash or remove the formed scab.
  • Once the scab has formed, dust 1-2 times a day during healing. The scab will shrink in size, ultimately falling off to reveal fresh skin and hair regrowth.
  • ** You DO NOT have to wait until the true hot spot forms. Usually you can catch the issue when it is still in the rash stage. Inspect the licking area for a rash. If present, begin dusting right away.
  • NT Canine is all Natural. The pet can lick it, but it tastes terrible. The majority of dogs chose not to lick. But so dogs can’t help it (like Gracie above) Normally you won’t need to use a cone, but be prepared, just in case. If allowed to lick, we won’t be able to get the scab formed – the key to NT Canine success.

When using NT Canine for Wounds, you will follow the same protocol as above.

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A Final Case Study:

This is Tinker. A wild dog that arrived at our farm one day. Once tame enough for us to touch him we began using NT Canine of his terrible skin fungus. You can see the results! Here is Tinker’s story. A GREAT READ.


The Four Oaks Farm Crew

DUST ON! powdered wound dressing – part of the NO THRUSH line.

DUST ON! powdered wound dressing – part of the NO THRUSH line.

Dust On! is an All-Natural, All-In-One powdered wound dressing.  The best explanation of the product is: Dust On! is a powdered, breathable Band Aid.

Right now, you are probably using cream, sprays to deal with wounds. Therefore you have two options:Master movable DUST ON 11-25-2014

1. You put on a cream and DON’T wrap it. In this case the wound/cream now collects all of the dirt, dust, and debris of the surroundings. This option requires that you wash the wound daily. It is very work-intensive.
2. You use a cream/spray and DO wrap the wound. Well, we all know that when you remove a wrapping, it is more often than not smelly and infected. Now you must deal with the wound AND the infection. This is also work-intensive, as the wrapping/bandaging must be changed every day.

With DUST On! you wash the wound on day #1 to remove the collected debris, allow the area to dry, and then you puff the powder onto the wound. That’s it. Do this 1-2 times per day, which will create a super strong “Breatwebsite header 3hable” scab. The word “breathable” is the key. The powder allows air to penetrate, while also forming a protective  (and natural) scab barrier. One the scab is firm, simply puff DUST ON onto the wound area once per day until the scab falls off on its own. When this occurs you will find the wound gone.

Finally, DUST ON! is called “All-In-ONE” Because it is also a blood-stopper, it protects attacking, drawing, and absorbing bacteria and infection, it allows the body to heal naturally without caustic chemicals , and it creates a protective barrier against the elements.

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