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How to Use NO THRUSH Powder on Scratches, Mud fever, and Greasy Heel

How to Use NO THRUSH Powder on Scratches, Mud fever, and Greasy Heel

How to Use All Natural NO THRUSH Powder on Scratches, Mud fever, and  Greasy Heel

In the last two days, I have received seven separate calls from people dealing with a bad case of Scratches. They have tried all the soaks, shampoos and sprays and nothing has worked. Finally, they did a deep internet dive and found information about No Thrush ® Powder. Yes, it does work. You might not have noticed, but it’s right there on the bottle.


The introduction, ie: “The Caution.”

NT powder works extremely well for the worst cases of Scratches (AKA Greasy heel and Mud Fever) BUT you have to use it as directed.

Years ago researchers from UC Davis were clinically testing NT on scratches. After a week they called and said, “Sorry, but it’s just not working.” Well of course since we had used it successfully a hundred times at our own barn, I asked them to walk me through their protocol…. It turns out they completely ignored the directions printed on the bottle. After they followed the below protocol, they got great results.  Their photos are in the last photo journal on this page.

Let me get to the point. Our powders work exactly opposite from the shampoos, soaks, and sprays you have likely purchased in the past.

No Thrush ® is a “dry” powder for a reason.

Our belief is that by constantly washing and pulling scabs, you are giving the bacteria exactly what it wants – A constantly moist and raw area to breed. Also by softening and removing the scabs, you are releasing the bacteria back out into the wild.  This is why when we wash and pull the scabs, scratches tend to move around. Suddenly it has moved up the leg or around to the front. The photo below is from one of the gals I spoke with this week. You can see that while she did not remove the scabs, she was washing twice a day. (Again, giving the bacteria a moist place to thrive.)


Scratches (AKA Greasy heel / Mud Fever)

Finally, to the Solution.

Here is how to use No Thrush ® for scratches – and also what to expect as you go.

  1. First, I have to emphasize. Do not wash and do not pull scabs.  Sure, you can use a damp towel and gently wipe away mud and debris, but leave the scabs alone. We don’t want to soften them so don’t hose them down, etc, If you remove them you are going 3 steps forward and 2 steps back
  2. Puff the powder onto the scratches area and gently pat the powder into the coat and skin. (See screenshot below.)
  3. The immediate goal is to absorb all the leakage and create scabs ASAP. If there is a lot of discharge, it’s worth your time to apply several times a day for the first few days. This is not mandatory, but it will speed up the process if you can dust as soon as a bit of leakage breaks through.
  4. Now we have scabs. Yay.  Be warned, these scabs will be chunky and ugly. You will be beside yourself to want to pull them off. Patience please.
  5. Keep dusting at least once per day.  If the horse occasionally knocks off a scab and you see bleeding, that’s fine, just dust over it again and the powder will staunch, absorb, and dry.
  6. The time frame from the messy 1st day to full hair regrow is typically 20-30 days. Some extreme cases may take a few extra days.
  7. PRO TIP. If your horse gets scratches every year, simply start doing a “maintenance dusting” once a week before the season begins.  This will keep you out of the cycle entirely.

Here is one last example so you can see the beginning, middle, and end of the process.  Notice that when the scabs fall off on their own, the hair regrowth has already occurred.

no thrush and scratches.

That is it. It takes some days, but you have just spent less than one minute a day to fix your horse, versus the hour a day you were spending with all the washing, soaking, and fretting.

Good Luck and Cheers

Heath Kizzier, VP.


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If you have No Thrush in your barn, this is very worth the read:

If you have No Thrush in your barn, this is very worth the read:

A fantastic and educational writeup about NO THRUSH below.

Dear Heath / No Thrush,
I am looking forward to receiving my Release [Muscle Wash]. I have had such incredible results with No Thrush that I am pretty certain that I will see great results with Release as well.

A little background on my success with No Thrush:

My gelding could have been the poster horse for No Thrush. When I purchased him in April of 2011 I had no idea that I was also buying the worst case of thrush I had encountered in almost 40 years of horse ownership. He also had the worst case of thrush that two farriers AND two vets had seen in their entire careers. The thrush had eaten his frog and was working hard on destroying his digital cushion in all four hooves. All of the experts agreed that my gelding would never be sound and that the best thing to do was euthanize him.
I was not willing to give up. I had big plans for that horse! I tried almost every thrush product on the market and many homemade remedies that are not on the market. I battled that thrush for SEVEN long months. I would see a slight improvement, then he would be back to being lame. Picking his hooves became dangerous because his hooves were so sore. I learned that he was Insulin Resistant and that IR horses are prone to thrush. I changed his diet but the thrush continued. I was losing hope.

Then one day I saw another boarder poofing some stuff on her gelding’s hooves. I asked her what it was and she told me it was this great stuff called “No Thrush.” I had seen the stuff somewhere online and had considered trying it, but didn’t because I had already spent HUNDREDS of dollars on other thrush remedies that did not work. She told me that if I ordered No Thrush and if I did not like it, she would buy whatever I had left in the bottle for what I paid for the full bottle. She would even reimburse me for shipping. I felt like I could not lose, so I ordered a bottle that night.

I received my first bottle of No Thrush and really put it to the test the very first day. It was pouring down rain and my gelding was standing fetlock deep in yucky mud. I poofed his hooves like the video showed and left convinced that I had just wasted my time and money.

The next day I thought differently. I picked his hooves and immediately noticed that his hooves did not smell foul. He did not seem so tender when I scraped the mud out of his hooves. Intrigued, I re-poofed his hooves that day. And the next day. And for the next couple of months. His frogs grew back. His lameness went away.

Excited, I booted him with Renegade hoof boots and started riding him. I started training him. And I started competing him. I did several endurance rides and also some competitive trail rides. I did parades and obstacle competitions. I trail rode him thousands of miles over the next couple of years in seventeen different states. He won his very first ECTRA competitive trail ride! He became the Number Six NATRC (Novice Division) horse east of the Mississippi River! He became the Number Ten ACTHA (Pleasure Division) horse in the whole state of Alabama!

And he did it all without taking a lame step due to painful thrush.

Unfortunately, my gelding’s story stopped last summer. About four months ago he had a bizarre colic episode and had to be euthanized.

And about a month after his death I acquired a little rescue mare. I did not know that she had a locked up sacrum when I got her. The chiropractors have done what she can and she is sound, but the little mare still has muscle spasms in her lower back and hip area. They say there is nothing they can do for the spasms. They say that the mare will likely be a pasture ornament for the rest of her life. They say that she will always have the spasms.

Maybe she will.

Maybe she won’t.

I am going to see if Release can make a difference. And if it does, you will be the first to know! And if it doesn’t, then I can honestly say that I have tried everything worth trying.

Thank you for reading. And thank you for giving my gelding a couple of good years of life.
Sheri D
More info at www.NoThrushshop.com

NO THRUSH Pro Tip – “Shedding Frog”

NO THRUSH Pro Tip – “Shedding Frog”

No Thrush – PRO TIP – July 2015… “**Shedding Frog**” We received a private message from a woman whose horse was shedding its frog. The answer is valuable, so we thought we’d share to all….

While frog shedding is normal, if you have never experienced it, it can look scary. In fact, sometimes the entire V of the frog will shed at once, which really looks daunting.

Usually thrush is the procuring cause of the shedding.

Here is why: Thrush wants to invade and live deep inside the heel tissue, and of course you can’t see it or smell it because it is so deep. [This is why we preach so hard about eliminating the heel cracks and deep collateral grooves. These are bacteria access points.]  — Anyway, when the thrush has run it course deep inside, this action can undermine the frog.

However, when active thrush is present, the frog tissue will literally hang on for dear-life. The body does not want to allow it to shed because it is the only protection for the soft, tender, and vulnerable tissue underneath. ….

So here is the No Thrush “tip.” —- If you see the frog begin to shed [ perhaps an edge, or even a big section looks to be dislodging and “flappy” under your hoof pick] get aggressive with your No Thrush dustings. Once per day is best. The powder will draw out the deep bacteria and breeding ground and take care of the “thrush” problem. If the thrush was severe, and the frog has been undermined, the rest of the frog may fully shed away. This is a good sign. This is the body’s way of breathing a sigh of relief. It no longer needs to fight the thrush, so the body allows the necrotic/dead tissue to fall away.

But you are not quite done…. Keep using your NT every few days. This will help firm up that new tender tissue and allow it to regrow properly. No Thrush is not caustic, so it will not inhibit natural grow…. As the new frog continues to grow you can slowly back off. The A-to-Z timing will be based on the speed of your horse’s natural growth rate. [usually 20-50 days]  No Thrush is not “making” the tissue grow, it is “allowing” it to grow. Meanwhile the powder is protecting the new/tender tissue from being invaded by a whole new round of thrush.

Hope you found this helpful. Learn more about those heel cracks at www.nothrushshop.com

DUST ON! powdered wound dressing – part of the NO THRUSH line.

DUST ON! powdered wound dressing – part of the NO THRUSH line.

Dust On! is an All-Natural, All-In-One powdered wound dressing.  The best explanation of the product is: Dust On! is a powdered, breathable Band Aid.

Right now, you are probably using cream, sprays to deal with wounds. Therefore you have two options:Master movable DUST ON 11-25-2014

1. You put on a cream and DON’T wrap it. In this case the wound/cream now collects all of the dirt, dust, and debris of the surroundings. This option requires that you wash the wound daily. It is very work-intensive.
2. You use a cream/spray and DO wrap the wound. Well, we all know that when you remove a wrapping, it is more often than not smelly and infected. Now you must deal with the wound AND the infection. This is also work-intensive, as the wrapping/bandaging must be changed every day.

With DUST On! you wash the wound on day #1 to remove the collected debris, allow the area to dry, and then you puff the powder onto the wound. That’s it. Do this 1-2 times per day, which will create a super strong “Breatwebsite header 3hable” scab. The word “breathable” is the key. The powder allows air to penetrate, while also forming a protective  (and natural) scab barrier. One the scab is firm, simply puff DUST ON onto the wound area once per day until the scab falls off on its own. When this occurs you will find the wound gone.

Finally, DUST ON! is called “All-In-ONE” Because it is also a blood-stopper, it protects attacking, drawing, and absorbing bacteria and infection, it allows the body to heal naturally without caustic chemicals , and it creates a protective barrier against the elements.

For more info, log onto http://www.nothrushshop.com/dust_on.html