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You Won’t Believe All these Uses of Natural Release® !!

You Won’t Believe All these Uses of Natural Release® !!

This is Heath, Four Oaks Products, VP

Let’s get right into discussing all the things that Natural Release® Muscle & Joint will do.

I will start with an odd one to catch your intrigue…

  • Burn Relief

Yes! You didn’t read that wrong. When Kathleen (Natural Release® Creator) first told me that she used it on a stove burn,  and it worked, I honestly didn’t believe her. She has the largest pain tolerance on the planet, so I just figured her superhuman pain thing was responsible.

But flash forward 8 months. I was browning a huge Costco-sized pot roast in butter. I rarely wear open-toe shoes, but it was a Sunday afternoon and I had a rare day off and was wearing sandals.

I was tipping the beast of a roast on its side to get everything nice and brown when it slipped under my fork. Like a falling building, the roast splashed into the bubbling butter. The butter erupted out of the pan directly onto my foot.

I screamed like a little girl. I hopped and swore.

I tried to figure out if I was limber enough to stretch my foot up into the running water in the sink (I wasn’t).

Then I spotted the bottle of Natural Release on the end table by the couch. I hopped over and picked it up. My foot was SCREAMING. I thought If I put this stuff on my foot it was going to erupt in even more pain. After all, I know it stings if you put it on an open wound. But prepared to take one for the Four Oaks Team,  I clamped my eyes closed, preparing for the worst.

Spray, spray, spray.

Nothing bad happened. Five seconds later I slowly opened my eyes. The pain was slipping away. Seriously. Within the time it took to blow out a long breath, the pain was gone. I was flabbergasted. No Pain whatsoever. I was so okay, that I actually went and got my boots and put them on. I wasn’t about to do battle with that roast without complete battle armor.

  • Sunburn

Yep, This too! I don’t allow myself to get sunburned anymore, but numerous customers have confirmed great results. They said it was even better than aloe vera or Calamine. The relief was near instant.

  • Joint Pain:

Natural Release®  aids in the reduction of inflammation in and around the joints. Follow the “Chronic” notes below (in bold) and you will find excellent relief. N.R. is all-natural and not an NSAID so it doesn’t “mask” pain like prescription drugs. It reduces inflammation and muscle and tendon tension around the joint aiding with relief. NR allows you comfort without the issues that are pervasive with many prescriptions.

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  • Insect Bites  / Itch

Mosquito Bite? Give one spritz of the N.R. spray or a dab of the gel, and in less than a minute the sting/itch goes away. We have a lot of experience with this. We have a biting flea-sized…thing… that comes out every evening. Their bite/itch is ruthless and can last 24+ hours. We give little sample bottles to anyone who comes over to carry in their pocket. It’s a lifesaver. Just spritz and the itch is gone.

  • Muscle Strains/Sprains/Aches

This one is obvious. N.R. aids in the release of all tense/stressed/strained muscles and soft tissue; whether it’s a neck creak from sleeping wrong, a back muscle that is out of place, or simply over-fatigued muscles from a difficult workout.

  • Bee Stings.

This is another story from personal experience. I already knew N.R. worked in minutes due to a couple of previous stings. Just like with burns, the pain/sting quickly fades away. Also, the inflammation goes away very fast.

However, a month ago I was doing some sprinkler repair at the Farm and I put my hand into a hole to pull out a pipe. I was immediately attacked by a swarm of ground bees that were nestled inside. I can confirm at least 8 stings, but I think there were more. After another unmanly yelp and much swearing and throwing of hands to ward the angry bees away, I sprinted to the truck, grabbed my bottle of N.R. from the door pocket, and dosed my hand.

This one was a big deal, (a lot of poison injected!) and it took a good 10 minutes and multiple NR applications for the pain to subside. The inflammation stalled. However it took a full 24 hours for the hand to look normal again. I can only imagine what it would have looked like had I not taken N.R. action immediately.

  • Frozen Shoulder / Tendonitis / Roper’s Shoulder / Tennis Elbow.

Use NR aggressively for the first week. Every day the symptoms will decrease.

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  • NOTE REGARDING CHRONIC ISSUES: If you’ve been dealing with this for a while, don’t automatically expect “magic” on the first day like some folks talk about in their FB comments.  When dealing with a chronic issue, it oftentimes takes a couple of days of aggressive NR use to fully kick in. Don’t get discouraged. Go. Go. Go. By the end of the first week, you will have results.
  • Neuropathy / Sciatica

This one is interesting. N.R. is not designed for nerves, but what we have found is that NR releases the soft tissue stranglehold it has around the nerve.  Pain in the body forces the muscles and soft tissue to clinch down and “protect.” This clinching further binds the nerves in the area. Once N.R. releases that soft tissue, the nerves can settle and re-situate, providing pain relief.

NOTE: For Sciatica (I suffer from this) here is my advice.  Use N.R.  AGGRESSIVELY!  I use it first thing in the morning, then again after coffee, and sometimes a third time before I leave for work. Sciatica is DEEP! So the first application helps, but the additional uses truly make it so I can get through the day without that DEEP ache.

  • Stress Headaches

Again, this is another personal testimonial. My wife gets these and they are horrible. She rubs N.R. on her neck and temples. Totally does the trick.

  • Gout:

This one first came from a personal friend. At the time I had no idea if it would work, as I simply didn’t know much about gout. I sent him some Natural Release® to try and he came back a week later with “OMG Seriously!?!” We have since had dozens of customers comment on Gout on FB and Instagram. It works.

  • Plantar Fasciitis

This is another I’d call Chronic. You will want to rub NR from your upper calf, down over the heel, and then do a good rub of your foot. This one can take 7-14 days to fully kick in but those that suffer, report long-term relief.

  • Myofasciitis and Fascia Release

We learned about this one early on when we only had the horse version available. We got a huge online order of six 32-oz bottles of Natural Release®. That was a big deal back then. I emailed the lady to thank her for the order and asked her how she was using it. She told me that she was a human massage therapist and that her specialty was fascia release.  (For those of you who don’t know, a fascia release massage can be excruciating.) Anyway, she explained that before she started to work, she sprayed N.R. on the client and then went off to do something else for ten minutes. When she came back and started the massage, she said the fascia came off with little problems, and a bonus was that there was no bruising.


Be sure to save this page. We will add new discoveries when we…. discover them 😊

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Cheers and thanks for spending some time with me.


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