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Natural Release Testimonials Here!

  • Jenise G
    This is excellent for restless legs!!! Put it on my legs and within minutes they start to relax.
  • Terry M
    Well, I’m not a horse but I’m using the Release gel and it came with a sample size of the spray. I’ve had a bad MCL tendon tear on the inside of the knee for a couple of months. This stuff has helped tremendously! In the past, I’ve used arnica with DMSO but after getting this product I’ve only used it. I apply it in the morning before work and at night when going to bed. It’s awesome. Don’t let the simplicity of the ingredients fool you. I was skeptical too because I’ve used every roll-on or gel out there and this really helps.I will be a repeat customer.
  • Dee W.L.
    Got the spray and the gel. Both are truly amazing…. I use the gel on front right arthritis and spray on both stifle … awesome improvement… ordered another bottle of the spray!!! And will reorder the gel when I get low!!! Great stuff ❤️❤️❤️
  • Diana S
    I tried this on a tendon injury for my horse and on my own back. It worked great. Much relief.
  • Lisa G
    I bought this product for my horse but I can’t seem to let it leave my house. I have arthritis, torn rotator cuffs and recently herniated lumbar disk. This product in addition to other modalities is what keeps me relatively pain free!!
  • Ali T
    I’ve had two ACL constructions and suffer from chronic arthritis. I bought this for my horse’s tight hamstrings but started using it on my knee. It is the only thing that has helped dull the constant ache. It won’t fix it by any means, but can certainly be added as a form of pain management.
  • Anca P
    Just received mine today. I tried it on my lower back and it gave me an instant relief which lasted for about 6-7 hours.
    I played with my 26 years young Icelandic Queen for the first time without pain in my hips…
    I massaged her neck and hips too, just in case…
    I love your product!!!
    Thank you!
  • Annie A (#1)
    I just starting using NR on myself and my horse! I cannot tell you the difference in me is incredible! Apollo moved much nicer after 1 application to all of his tight spots. He moved a lot more comfortably after ONE application! I cannot wait to see how we both move in a week! Great product!
  • Annie A (#2)
    Four Oaks I’m so impressed! I was moving like the tin man this morning. Showered and applied NR everywhere! I’m climbing pens, jumping down from panels… like seriously! I could have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in medications / IV Biologics for 10 years if I would’ve found your product first!
  • Sherry A
    Fast shipping, amazing product! Used it on my old rescue who was severely foundered before I got him. He showed immediate relief. Put some gel on my wrist that has a plate and screws that was crushed several years ago and got relief in about 3 minutes. Will be ordering more for my husband’s worn out spine and for my bad knee. Wonderful products! Thank you for the mints, too!
  • Ina C H
    It’s all in the family here! Horse with a knee spur.My dogs with sore hips and elbows, and me too!
  • Holly G
    Bought it for my horse this summer but used it on my broken shoulder the past couple months and now I am using on my just-broke and had surgery broken arm post-surgery and it’s been incredible. Will have to update you after I heal fully but it has helped so much and has helped so much with swelling, pain and bruising.
  • kittenblackheart – (IG)
    This stuff is AMAZING. I use it on myself too! Works wonders for achy muscles after work, or riding.
  • Nellie S
    I love Natural Release! It is known as “magic” at the barn and home. I put it on my calves every night, and no more antsy legs!I also brought it with me to my chiropractic and a massage appointment, it was awesome to be used in my massage.


  • Lisa N
    Received my order last Thursday (and that’s ANOTHER plus … QUICK shipping/delivery!) I started using it immediately on my left shoulder ~ I have a partial tear of the rotator cuff and arthritis. Using consistently a.m. and p.m., and I can wholeheartedly say, I’m able to function with a lot less pain – which has been absolutely excruciating! I’m SO impressed, happy, excited! (I’m hoping to put off surgery  )Then, last night, a change in the weather had my left knee aching (history of broken tibia and torn ACL after a stack of panels collapsed on me) so I got out of bed and applied the gel to my sore knee, and within several minutes, was able to get comfortable enough to get a good nights sleep. Thankfully I ordered a second bottle for my 25-year-old mare who’s showing some arthritis! …I’m the world’s biggest skeptic – thus my original purchase of all sample sizes – but Heath was SUPER responsive, kind enough to call me immediately after I placed my order to issue a credit on shipping [as I’d placed two orders concurrently], and talked to me at length about application, and their various products. I am completely sold! This is the first time I’ve found a product that does exactly what it says it will do    I’m a definite fan, and will be a loyal customer going forward.


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  • Susan S
    This stuff is amazing!!!! My draft pulled some muscles in his back and this really helped. I tried it on my back ( I know you can’t endorse human use) and the pain instantly disappeared all night. Worth every penny!
  • Susan C
    It worked for me. I have an 11 yr old horse that coliced twice during winter and spring. This time I was ready for it. When he started tail swishing, turning in circles, laying down, I rubbed Natural Release on both sides under his tummy just like what is shown in the video. 30 minutes later he pooped. And then seemed to be fine. And yes, I feed probiotics, wet their grass/hay, and give loose mineral salt.
  • Melina P
    I’ve been using this on my horse with EPM. It helps keep him comfortable.
  • Christa M K  (Flight Attendant)
    I got my order on Oct 31st used it @ 22:00, then again @07:00, & again later on that day. Now my knee feels amazingly unreal Good. I’m gonna continue to use it as directed & see if this is really real. lolI haven’t had anything to cut the on going pain until Nov 1 which was your product. It wasn’t immediate but it did subside. I’m super excited to see how my feet & knee will feel after 30 days. I’m still in shock that it worked that amazingly QUICK.
  • Charlie M
    “Saw it…had to try it after reading reviews. Used it on my Mustang and she seemed to move a little smoother but I wasn’t really impressed… Tried it on my arthritic 16 yr old dog with hip dysplasia and cushings. She became new dog within 30 minutes… I haven’t seen her move her hind end as briskly for over a year… she even trotted a little and tried to play with my 1yr old Lacy.On day two, after applying it, she actually “loped”, as she used to, to the barn. I recently had surgery on my hand and I have lost some dexterity, so decided to go for the gel… it not only helped with some of the discomfort, it has let me move my fingers a little further each day…I use the spray on my older dog twice a day…. my mare before and after riding… and for me three times a day on my hand for now…and then rub the excess on my knees (and it does seem to help them too). I don’t think it’s just psychological…it really works. I’m sold.
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  • Greystone-Dressage,  Kim C
    “Natural Release Spray is amazing, I have extremely tight IT bands to the point of not being able to cross my legs more than 30 seconds before they hurt and even feeling sore just while walking. I have been spraying and rubbing the Natural Release Spray on my thighs every morning which has made a huge difference and made me much more comfortable.
  • Dolores A F
    My husband and I unloaded 80 bales of hay yesterday. He hurt an area on his calf and my knees were killing me. We rubbed some gel on both of us. Woke up with no pain! Using it on my mare with a swollen tendon. I am going to use it on myself again too.
  • Kerry L R Nn
    I use this on myself since it helps me sleep, and is good after a long day working. I’ve used on my horse also and had great results for him too. I love this linament, especially on my legs and feet. I ordered 4 to give to family that use it as well.
  • Barbara W L
    I use it on my 26yr old mare who has some “old lady” stuff going on in her knees and hind. I spray knees, rump, hinds and within a few minutes she’s licking and her eyes soften, and she’s ready to hit the trails. My husband tried the gel sample I got on his arthritic knees and couldn’t believe how much it helped. He now has his own bottle of gel
  • Sandra D C
    I bought this wanting to try it out with the sample of the gel. My husband has the worst pain in his left leg. Used the sample of the gel and he felt relief. I had to buy a bottle for him. My mare loves when I massage this on her legs and back. It works!
  • Laura MH
    Helps my guy who is cold backed. I use it after grooming under the saddle pad and before warm up to help him get ready. Big difference.
  • Kristi B
    Been using it a couple days now on my knees and it does help a lot.  I’ve had both knees replaced so yes it does work and they do have 2.00 small spray bottles to try. I even got 3 peppermint candies which I thought was pretty cool.
  • Sabine B
    I just received my bottle of gel & I am happy to report it actually worked right away taking my knee pain away. It was the first night in a long time I didn’t suffer from annoying knee pain! Haven’t even shared it with my horses yet! They may need their own bottle, lol!
  • Tally C
    This product I have used on myself. It is amazing especially if you rub in good. Such great relief. If it works on me I can hardly wait to use it on my horses.
  • Suzanne T-F
    Anybody battling neuropathy and low back pain, do try the gel for almost instant relief. I keep a couple small travel jars filled with it in several locations. Good stuff!!

    SEPT 2022
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  • Jenise G
    I use it regularly for my lower back and it works wonderfully. Also a bit applied before bed has helped me sleep better. Read on and you will see a lot of people use it for themselves.
  • Tyler Ol
    My horses love this stuff. But I started using this 2 year’s ago I meet the guy’s in Vegas and my back and neck we’re killing me they gave me a sample and I put it on and it worked like nothing I have ever tried my family and friends have all tried it and we all swear by it. Got bottles in my truck shop and house.
  • Julie B
    I bought the gel for my 25-year-old quarter’s knees. The product hasn’t made it to the barn yet. I had knee replacement and figured if it helps horses let’s see if it will help inflammation and tight muscles in my knee. Yupp been using it and it works.
  • Email Customer
    Heath, Good Morning!! My mom, has osteoarthritis and pseudo gout. She used the gel on her hands yesterday and within 5min she had relief!
  • Lori S
    I bought the gel for my 3 weeks of sore back , as a dog groomer and 54 yrs old it takes a toll. 1 week and a massage it feels so much better. I get out of the shower and rub it in my lower back and ai am good to go . So glad I found this.
  • Corinne W
    This NR is amazing. I have a 30 yr old. tenn walker he tied up 2 years ago and his butt muscles are compromised … with NR is has been great for him .. releases the tight muscles… gives him comfort. Thanks!!!
  • Jody N
    Great product! I just ordered the spray in the larger size. Seeing improvement with our pony who has been stiff and sore for months.
  • Chelsea I
    I just bought this and have used it on my OTTB and I was amazed! He started yawning and releasing right away and when we went out to work his trot was so relaxed he was almost bouncing! I also used it on my shoulders after a long day of gentling a Mustang and could not believe how much it helped right away! I will always keep this on hand at my stables!
  • Tami BV
    Laura Bellrose I use the spray on me!!! Rotator cuff/carpel tunnel/sore knee/EVERYTHING joint or muscle related!!! Pain is GONE in seconds!!!!! I’m stocked up with this stuff and spreading the word!!!
  • Chylene G R
    Haven’t used it on my horse but I tried it on my sore shoulder! Pain is 90% gone used it 2x .
  • Lori S
    I got my bottle today ….. about nickel size in my palm …. Rub together and rubbed into my lower back …… I got relief !!!!! Went to my massage (do every 2 weeks) ice pack and another rub of this and I am feeling so much better …. No heavy smell , no burn … feels good …. THANK YOU !!!
  • Ginger L
    My man has bone on bone in his knees. He has tried everything. The gel is truly helping the pain.
  • Leigh L
    I ordered this in both the gel and spray last month for my daughter’s horses. I just got a call from my Dad asking me if I would order him some because it helped his knee and hip. Two bottles ordered!
  • Sherry FE
    I can say it works awesome! I have a healed broken ankle that bothers me, spray or rub the gel in – immediate relief. I also use it for my neck from whiplash. My hips where I pulled something. Oh my gosh, it is awesome!
  • Hardeman Ranch
    I purchased 2 full-size bottles of the Natural Release Gel and got a free sample of the Natural Release Spray and free peppermints for my horse April. April 28yr old Quarter Horse/Saddlebred has rear left hock arthritis and DSLD in both hind fetlocks. I applied the gel and within minutes she jumped over a mounting block then ran all over the place. I applied the spray on my sore knee, rubbed it in really well and 5 minutes later the pain was completely gone. I applied the spray on my husband’s shoulder, he has an old football injury that has bothered him for years, the pain was gone within minutes. I’m absolutely amazed by your product’s results and you have a new loyal customer. Thank You
  • Deb F
    Still not sure about the effect on my boy ( there’s clearly no negative) but the results on me continue to be 100% positive. I’m a scientist, so I’ve tried to wait long enough to rule out the placebo effect. This stuff works!
  • Janie C M
    This stuff is AWESOME! My Paddy’s Irish Whiskey gelding hyperextended his right front leg about 5 months ago. A little Arthritis has set in. Have not been able to bend his knee back enough to get a shoe on him.Rubbed his leg down with the Natural Release Gel. Within an hour, we got his leg comfortable enough to bend back to get a shoe on. This stuff is Great!My grandson runs barrels on him. I rub his knee before he runs.
  • Laurie J B
    I use this on my lower back before I go to bed and it helps so much. I have fibromyalgia and it helps with some of the nerve pain as well. Love this stuff .
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  • Anne Snipes Moss
    Yeah, well, I used it on my horse today after a jump school, back, hocks, ankle, rump, stifles…, then about 30 mins later used it on myself in a number of areas and YES!!! It does relieve pain. Many Thanks from me and my horse!!!!
  • Lori Brash Jansen
    Used the Jel on my own elbow and it helped my tendinitis in a few days. It had been sore for weeks!
  • RANDOM TESTIMONIALS from here down
  • Erica T M
    I would like to let you know last night my mare was having a bout of gas colic ( I beleive) She was very swollen across her top line and sucked up in the stomach, and she was leaning back stretching, not wanting to walk. I applied a good amount of Natural Release gel on her back and her stomach, she started licking and yawning, about 30 minutes later she was walking freely and drinking water. Whew, this stuff worked great. Glad I had it. Thank You sooo much for such a awesome product.
  • FAM CLINT DID  FB front page
    First off their customer service is wonderful, very nice people! I accidentally placed 2 orders and they called me instantly to make sure it wasn’t an error and got my shipment out right away I had it 3 days later. I’m my shipment they gave me a sample bottle of the gel as I had ordered the spray for my mare. A co-worker struggles with arthritis and back pain so I had her try it and instant relief! We were blown away and she is a CBD user for chronic pain. I gave her my sample and she will be buying more. I can’t wait to use the spray on my horse to help her out. Product is a 10/10 and service is 11/10
  • Julia V – FB Front Page post.
    “Holy crap, the natural release spray is AMAZING. My horse is chronically tight in his pole and thru his shoulders. he is a high anxiety horse and could honestly benefit from daily massages from a professional. I do my best, but I am just not adequate enough. not for lack of trying, trust me. I have seen this product advertised on fb, and after watching some videos and reading some reviews thought “why the heck not. if it doesn’t work at least I’m not out a lot of $” a few sprays around his pole and rubbed in (not even rubbed, I basically smoothed it along his coat), turned around to grab a brush, and when I turned back my guy was yawning. one of his first signs of release. I went about normal grooming routine and the yawns kept coming, shaking his neck, and watery eyes. all classic release signs. his eyes were sooo soft and sleepy after 20 mins. he was a little back sore so I sprayed along his top line and smoothed in. again almost instant relief. I’m in awe. I tried out the thrush treatment as well, as my guy really struggles with it. we’ll see how that works out. I can say i liked the application, and I liked how it seemed to stick. he definitely appreciated the fact that it didn’t sting. and oddly enough I liked the faint scent I got from it. conclusion: I’m absolutely buying both the spray and the gel muscle release for my guy. And probably for my close friends with horses. this stuff is worth it.”

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What is NATURAL RELEASE Muscle and Joint Spray?

What is NATURAL RELEASE Muscle and Joint Spray?

Natural Release Muscle Spray/Gel


Yes, if you or your horses have any kind of muscle stress, tendinitis, arthritis, or other soft tissue issue, you have surely spent a LOT of money on liniments while searching for relief.  Of course you have tried all the menthol rubs (99% of all liniments in the store carry menthol as their “active” ingredient.) These work a bit….sort of….Maybe? Honestly, not really. Basically as soon as the sensation of heat goes away, so does the sensation of relief. Your senses of smell and touch can no longer be tricked.

Natural Release Muscle Spray/Gel has no menthol, no alcohol.  It creates no heat, and there is nearly zero smell. (It can be used under saddle, wraps, and clothing)



The all-natural water-based ingredients are:

  • Dead Sea Transdermal Magnesium
  • Arnica
  • Eucalyptus.

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Everybody knows that magnesium releases muscle and soft tissue. This is why we take magnesium supplements to help prevent and stop leg cramps and body stress.  The form of magnesium in Natural Release is truly transdermal. This means it penetrates the skin, getting down into the deep tissue, going to work in minutes.  This form of Mg is also a carrier. So it carries the arnica and eucalyptus inside with it. These ingredients helps reduce inflammation and pain associated with stressed muscle and tendons, arthritis, tendonitis, etc.

Natural Release is labeled for animals, but people are finding it incredibly helpful for their personal use. Sore backs, thrown-out neck, knees, plantar fasciitis, and pretty much any soft tissue stress.

Massage therapists use it in their practice to release soft tissue before they go to work, making the massage easier to perform – and more importantly, less painful for the client.

Speaking of “use before,”  Natural Release is not only intended to be used as a muscle release after a hard workout, but even more importantly to be used  “Before” you ride?

  • Does your horse have a tweaked hock or stifle?
  • Do you have to do a 30 minute warm up to loosen him up before you can start working with him in the ring?
  • Does he balk when you are tacking up because his topline or sacrum is locked.
  • Is his stride short and choppy.
  • Does he fight the bridle because his poll or TMJ is clenched and ridged?

Natural Release will make a difference in all of these situations.
For more info, review this WHAT IS NATURAL RELEASE video or Log on to:
The Natural Release Page 

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Learn about Natural Release

Learn about Natural Release

Thank you for joining us.

On this page you will find Testimonials (we particularly like the full story-length stories), and a “What is it and how is it different” Video.  (We will continue to update these as they come in.

To find the All-Natural Ingredient list and read the complete product details you can go to the Gel Order Page or the Spray Order Page (The gel and spray are the same product, just a different viscosity.)




Here are some reviews from customer emails we’ve received; a few from Instagram/FB; and others from some of our favorite Animal Health e-commerce sites’

    • Aug 3, 2022 – Sherry Ferrell-Esquivel – FB post
      I bought it for my horses, but I use it on me! It’s wonderful! I have old whiplash in my neck, so everytime I overdo, it’s painful and gives me migraines. Spray it on, pain is gone. Have a pulled tendon in hip, difficult to ride spray it on rub it in and I have no pain when riding! Love it!

      8/2/22 Sheri Moon – FB post

      This stuff is amazing. Used it on my horse that had a limp on her left front leg. Used the spray twice a day. In three days the limp was gone. I use the gel on my knee. It relieves the pain where I can cross my legs and have no reaction. I just ordered a bigger bottle last night. Wonderful. I told my friend about it and he ordered a bottle of gel for his hip.
      Kathy A Cribbs
      Haven’t tried on my horse yet as it doesn’t get here before I left for a race. But, I did use it on my arm and hand and in about 3 minutes I could straighten my arm and make a fist. I have RA and lots of inflammation this worked great
      Carolyn Payson
      I have now bought the gel.I also tested it on myself and had my husband try it.He agreed that he got almost instant relief with the spray so I am convinced.I will rub it into my horse as you suggest.Thanks
      7/14/22 Erica Twigg Moore
      I would like to let you know last night my mare was having a bout of gas colic ( I beleive) She was very swollen across her top line and sucked up in the stomach, and she was leaning back stretching , not wanting to walk. I applied a good abount of Natural releif gel on her back and her stomach, she started licking and yawning, about 30 minutes later she was walking freely and drinking water. whew, this stuff worked great glad I had it. Thank You sooo much for such a awesome product.

      April 11, 2022 Janet Kaufman (posted on Facebook)

      I must say The All Natural Release may be my new best friend. I sprayed it on my retired 26y/o OTTB. He’s tight all over so it didn’t matter where. . Immediately he started to release. I thot “what?? That was so instant” I repeated the process and again the same response. So I went to horse #2. I sprayed his glutes and rested my hand there. Then to the shoulder. Not only could I feel the response I could see the release happen. On to horse #3 for another affirmation of the product’s legitimacy. It did not disappoint and it works without my help!! While I did do some bodywork after I sprayed,
      u do NOT have to!! Plus it helps the horse be more agreeable. And I love that its a natural product. If ur other thrush product works this good then u guys r tops in my book!!!
      Thanks, guys!!! #4oaks👍
      05/13/22-  FB post – LisaRae Ventures –

      Absolutely works! Just got mine this week and used it on areas where my girl is always tight and tense. Within minutes she was yawning, stretching her neck out, licking and chewing while lunging! She willingly and smoothly performs transitions from trot to canter with very subtle cues now. This makes our time together so much more productive and so much more fun. Definitely a game changer for us!!!

      6-1-22 – FB Post LisaRae Ventures (SECOND COMMENT 2 WEEKS LATER

             “FYI… I got very desperate this evening when my filly dropped to the ground as I was leading her across the arena. She tried to roll, but I wouldn’t let her. She immediately put her head down, closed her eyes and sighed. I thought she was gone! Long story short… She had no upper gut sounds so I gave her a shot of banimine. 30 minutes went by and still no sounds. It was hard to keep her walking.
            Being desperate, I decided to spray the area over her upper gut. I’m not even exaggerating when I say within five minutes she began yawning, blowing out her nose and walking like nothing was wrong!! I could hear a few upper gut sounds and lower was more active. I sprayed a few more times over the next hour, and both upper and lower gut were very active and noisy.
            I’m guessing she just had gas colic, but I seriously believe that getting her muscles relaxed with this product help speed up her recovery!!! I know I’ve never seen banamine get these kind of results this fast! Can’t 100% claim this product was the accelerator, but it would take a lot to convince me it wasn’t!!!! Just happy my little girl is okay 😍
      Christine Cuipylo 6/14/22 FB Post

      I just received my Natural release spray. I have no idea what I did but I had a muscle that cramped up good. No amount.of ibuprofen was helping and none of my rubs. I put some Natural release on it several times yesterday and the pain is gone. I was able to get on and ride my horse. So Humbull and I will be sharing. Great product and customer service!

      Amanda Gilbert  6-11-22 fb post
      This stuff is absolutely amazing. I have a draft horse with a very stiff neck and about 5 mins after rubbing this on she practically melts.. starts yawning, licking, and chewing and you can see the tension drop out of her body.
      6-11-22 Norm Kenny – Natural Release – Messenger
      I am in total shock about how well this worked on my upper back and neck. Within minutes I felt relief. More than any other topical I’ve ever used including, bio freeze, CMD DMSO! Very pleased.
      My horses will have to get in line
    • Shannon Sipes Clendon  5/28/2022
      Love love love this stuff! I have a horse that tends to get tense and it takes forever to get him working over his back and relaxed. I forgot I had some of this and then ran across an ad…. So I dug it out of my tack room, and applied to his top line, sacrum, hamstrings, and then the neck up to the poll and even his cheeks/TMJ. Tacked him up and warmed him up per our usual routine, and I had an amazingly relaxed, supple, elastic horse. I repeated the same process for my next two rides just to see if it was a fluke…. Nope! Wow. I finally found the magic formula to get him relaxed and working over his back straight from the beginning. Amazing stuff!!!
    • May 6, 2022 – Sherrie Burgoon Schuman (FB post)

      I ordered this after having such success with No Thrush. The first time I used it the relaxed response was so immediate I was sure it couldn’t be from the spray. We used it before riding. Then a few sprays after. Tried it a few more times with the same results. Last night I used it with some Masterson techniques and even my super stoic, high headed always-on-alert rescue dropped his head,, was swaying, and had the biggest yawns i have ever seen!!! He was so chill I could have probably jumped on him! He even turned and moved to show me where he wanted some spray. Still don’t understand how it works but my horses sure love it!! Just bought the biggest size bottle.

    FEB 23, 2022 Annie Schack (posted on FB)
    annie_schack“I just got this [Natural Release] one week ago. I’m going to have to have both knees replaced. I’m trying to hold off having the surgery for a year. I got this and no more pain…it is a game changer!! I’ve already recommended it to two others, and both got a squirt from me first and they were sold…and was totally blown away…good stuff 😳❤👍‼

  • Karen D Florey House – FB post 5/27/2022
    I had a chance to use the sample you sent along with my last order of the spray, my horse kicked out and his foreleg hit me square on the elbow jamming it! I remembered I had this and applied it afterwards and before bed for the soreness, next morning a little tender but 100% better!
    THANKYOU for a great product!
  • 5/22/2022 FB post

    Shel Sanderson

    I got a sample of the Natural Release a while back. Tried it on my horrible tennis elbow and couldn’t believe how well it worked. I keep it in stock and use it often for myself and my equines. Great products. 😊
  • Feb 18, 2022 Dee Stotts (posted on FB)
    “I got my order today and raced out to my girl with the Natural Release (we have tons of snow so haven’t used the No Thrush yet) within 20 minutes she actually put weight on her hind hock. Something she hasn’t done in a long time.”
  • Nov 12, 2021 By myequlife via Instagram
    “My daughter woke up sobbing last night because couldn’t walk, her growing pains in her legs were so bad. I rubbed the Natural Release on her and within 5 minutes she was asleep!!!  Thank you Four Oaks Farm!”
  • Jan 20, 2020  Amnada Smith – Barrel Racer via Facebook Review
    amanda_testimonialI tried Natural Release for my barrel horse that has been having stiffness in her poll and TMJ area. She also gets a little sore in her lower back. I have been told by my bodyworker to massage her poll to keep it from getting stiff. well, this was a task. She didn’t want me touching her poll and it literally felt hard to the touch behind her ears. I tried the muscle wash and after about 10 min she let me work on her poll and you could feel the muscles were less stiff and had softened. I am sold!
  • Donna B  

    I have been using the Natural Release for years on me and my husband. This is awesome stuff. I use it on a lot of sore areas of our bodies. Shoulders, back, legs and neck. I have found it relieves muscle tightness and cramps. I highly recommend this for both human and horses. For my horse I have used it for his back and hocks. It just works!!

  • February 15, 2019 by Katy B.Very effective product
    “Was VERY effective on our horse with muscle strain in his back. He has gone from a painful “Lawn ornament” back to a solid mover apparently pain-free. Love the product”
  • Nov 6th, 2021  Heidi  K.
    “The Natural Release is my all-time favorite. Use it immediately after you fall off and you are no longer sore, use it on your achy joints or pinched nerves! You can rub it on your horses’ legs, on their back, stifles, hocks, knees and shoulders before your ride to loosen them up, and then to relax them after. Both you and your horse will feel the difference almost immediately.I try everything until I find my favorite products, ones that I cannot live without, and stick to them! These are must-haves in my tack trunk, down by the arena, in my medicine cabinet at home & the cross ties at all times!!”


  • May 9, 2018 by Patti P. (CA, United States)
    “Works wonders for tired/sore muscles and arthritis”
  • Nancy G. (verified owner)  

    Works Wonders for Horse and Human! I first purchased this for my horse, but it never made it to the barn initially. I tore my rotator cuff and bicep. My order had just arrived so I thought, if it’s good enough for my horse, it’s good enough for me. Oh my goodness! I used it both before and after surgery. It relieved pain almost immediately, and helped with swelling and bruising. I have used it on my horse with equally great results! He had a torn tendon and has some arthritis in his stifles and hocks as well as some ringbone in his right front. This has worked wonders both on swelling and his level of comfort which is most important to me. I love that it doesn’t have the menthol heat or odor! My grandson used it on his horse who had fallen and had a bad muscle tear in her hindquarters with equally wonderful results. Recently, the day after baling hay, some of the barn workers were complaining of sore muscles in their arms and across their shoulders. I suggested that they use the gel which they did and expressed almost immediate relief. Now, if anyone complains of sore muscles or neck, they say, “Go get that stuff that Nancy has. It really works!” I am now “gifting” people with a bottle to use both for their horses and themselves! I am a nurse, so I recognize the benefits of the ingredients; I also am quickly leaning toward natural products whenever possible instead of loading my horse, and myself, up with drugs and chemicals. This product REALLY WORKS! Thank you Four Oaks Farm! Oh, and by the way, the customer service is awesome! Questions are answered quickly and the product is usually shipped out the same day.

  • May 17, 2021 Received via email
    “From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this product. I originally purchased this for my horse 2 years ago because he was so body sore. Because of his sensitivity to everything under the sun, naturally (like the good horse mom I am) I tried it on myself first. Glad I did. I have a facial and neck spam that I have been treating with this product that has greatly reduced my requirements to see my neurologist for 14 botox injections into my neck, back, and face.Well even better, I have been using this now on my thoroughbred who is starting to feel better in his body. This is a horse who has made chiropractors gape their mouths with his neck issues, he has exhausted the best of bodyworkers and almost killed 2 veterinarians attempting to acupuncture him. I am also a CVT for the past 20 years and I have never seen such dramatically positive results with any type of product like this. Here is a video that shows how much muscle relaxation he’s starting to find and trying to open up the neck that has been deemed too locked to adjust and his thoracic sling syndrome issues.
    OH, we also love the no thrush powder too.”
    Adrienne A., CVT

VIDEO “What is Natural Release and why is it different?”


  • Feb 4, 2020 by Amanda.
    “Really great product! My new favorite!”
    I keep the big bottle in my tack room and the smaller spritzer size in my own medicine cabinet. I know it works because it works for me! Great stuff!
  • November 9, 2021
    @defiant_gym – Instagram  [ Home gym of @charles_valhalla_bisset  9X MMA Muay Thai World Champion]
    “Feeling sore?! Try out @fouroaksproducts !!!! Muscle aches n pains are not an issue anymore!
  • Amazon – Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2020
    Verified Purchase
  • Reviewed in the United States on August 26, 2021
    Verified Purchase
    One person found this helpful.”
  • Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2018
    Verified Purchase
  • Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2021
    Verified Purchase
  • Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2020
    Verified Purchase
  • Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2018
    Verified Purchase
  • EQUINE – LOCKED UP SACRUM – Condensed from lengthy Facebook post on February 23 2016 (NOTE: Vets and chiropractors had recommended euthanasia due to this extensive muscular problem.
    “….Last Wednesday (January 13th, 2016) was the first application of NATURAL RELEASE. I did it in the evening before tucking her in for the night. I sprayed her lumbar area, plus her entire left hindquarter from her lower back, over the rump, and down to her hamstring. It was mainly her left side that was the problem. I massaged the product into her fuzzy winter coat, ensuring that the product got all the way down to the skin. As I rubbed the product in, I could feel her tense, tight muscles. It felt like I was rubbing Granite. I covered her with durable turnout sheet for the night before I left.
    The next morning I arrived and pulled off her sheet. I grabbed the NATURAL RELEASE bottle and stepped to her rear end to check her muscle tone to see if there had been any improvement.As an endurance rider, I am very familiar with how to check muscle tone. Basically, you stand at the hind end and use the heel of your hand to press on the hamstring area. As you press down and release, the muscle should bounce back. Ideally, the muscle should feel like Jello. Endurance horses are graded “A” down to “D.” The looser the muscle, the better the score on your vet card. The previous evening, Maggie would have easily scored a “D” for her rock-hard muscles. Her right side was more normal and probably would have scored a “B” or so.
    So after I pulled off her sheet, I pressed against her left hamstring. I carefully watched her ears since tight muscles can be quite painful and a horse in pain will often kick out when you apply pressure. I pressed and released. The muscle yielded to pressure and bounced back! I was in shock and awe. I pressed again and released, thinking it must have been a fluke. The muscle bounced back again! I then started pressing all over the area that I had treated and the rump and lower back muscles yielded easily to my pressure.
    I called Tobi over. “Feel my horse’s butt! She isn’t cramping!” Tobi came over and felt it. She agreed that the muscle was loose. In fact, we could find little difference between the left side and the right side. I continued to press all over the left side of her hindquarters, amazed at the difference one application had made. I started laughing! Maggie turned her head to look at me and my laughter abruptly changed to tears of joy. She was suddenly able to turn her head to the left! Completely to the left! Her nose was at her girth area as she was staring at me with both eyes facing me!
    One application of NATURAL RELEASE had not only loosened up her hind end, but it had done what two chiropractic visits had failed to do: loosen up her neck to the point where she could flex laterally to the left with ease. And I hadn’t even applied it to her neck! But since everything is connected, I am now guessing that the “neck problem” was directly related to her hind end issue.
    I decided to skip doing multiple treatments every day and instead decided to just do a single treatment at night before tucking her in. After the second treatment (done on Thursday pm, January 14th and checked Friday am, January 15th) there was no difference between how “bouncy” her muscles were on either hamstring. By Saturday morning (January 16th) her left hamstring was actually far looser than her right! So I went ahead and started applying the product to her right side as well. By Sunday morning (January 17th) her whole hind end was so loose and healthy that any endurance vet out there would have given her an “A+” on muscle tone! And that was after exactly four treatments!….”
    Sheri D – Facebook post.
  • BACK PAIN: Email Received – April 2016
    “OK, I’m impressed. I had a monster knot in my back this morning when I woke. It was one of those that make you walk crooked. My wife had already left, so I couldn’t ask her to lend me some thumbs. The little sample bottle of NATURAL RELEASE that you sent with our order was in the medicine cabinet. I tried to give it go but couldn’t reach the spot back there. Just out of reach. I wandered out to the barn where my wife keeps the big bottle we bought. This has a sprayer. Still unable to reach, and unable to massage it in without help, I leaned over and gave a couple of sprays and let it dry. By the time I got in and fixed a cup of coffee the knot was gone. I felt a tiny lingering tug where the knot had been, but I had to mentally search for it. By the time I reached work, I had forgotten about it completely.
    Tonight I told my wife about it, and she asked me to get some more. While I was on your website I saw your email, figured I’d say thanks. So…. Thanks. My day was better than it would have been.”
    Mike K. Gillette ,WY April 2016

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