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Testimonial Wednesday – Dust On! Wound Powder

Testimonial Wednesday – Dust On! Wound Powder

All I can say Is WOW! your product, Dust On! Wound Powder is Awesome!
This is Boomer and Bluedog…they are both good buddies, but ended up fighting over licking water off my horse’s leg whilst giving her a bath 😕.. lol Dogs! I thought Stitches would be required, but when an injury is in an odd place, stitches will only tear, and then create a worse healing situation. My neighbor gave me a bottle of “Dust On” and the wound immediately stopped bleeding and scabbed over, now the biggest problem I have is keeping Bluedog from running around like normal. my only regret is that i didn’t take a picture of the wound, before my first application of your miracle powder… anyone that owns animals should have a bottle of this stuff in their first aid kit.
I can’t thank the makers of ‘No Thrush” for making this stuff, I will highly recommend this product to all my friends.
Now I am super excited to try your “Natural Release” Muscle spray on my 23 yr old gelding…I am sure it will make a world of difference for him!
Phoenyx Poumirou
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