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Testing Natural Release as Aid for Colic

Testing Natural Release as Aid for Colic

Colic – and Natural Release Muscle and Joint.

(NOTE: This page has an update at the bottom. More good news!)
Okay, so we are NOT prepared to make any claims. Colic is very serious business. Everything below is to be considered a “tool”. At the first sign of distress, we are heading to the vet. However, we will be adding Natural Release to our normal protocol as we gear up the trailer and prepare to leave the barn. If it turns into a wasted trip – so be it.

Here’s how it started. Recently a customer wrote a post on FB. (I have pasted it below) The cliff-notes are that her horse went into full distress with what she believes was gas colic. Out of panicked desperation, she grabbed her Natural Release and sprayed the gut heavily. (Read her whole story below. )

Learn How Others are Using Natural Release.

Obviously we were intrigued. Fast forward to this weekend here at Four Oaks Farm. We had a horse that had eaten normally, but hadn’t p**ped in about 18 hours. (Sorry, I can’t say the word without getting censored) There were no sounds in the gut and we feared the early stages of an impaction colic. (You can hear the story in the video, though the audio is not great. I have to learn to speak up!).

Anyway, the horse was not yet in distress, but it was a good opportunity to test LisaRae’s experiment.

We sprayed this horse heavily on both sides, as seen in the video.

45 minutes later – he p**ped.

Click Here to see the video of our application

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Again, this is far, far too little data to make any claims, but I do like these 2 results. At this point our hypothesis is that Natural Release is releasing the stressed muscles around the gut, allowing things to shift and move.

It’s also something to keep in mind if you already have Natural Release in the barn. If it can make a difference, that’s huge. Hopefully you never have to try it, but if you do, please reach out. More data will be appreciated.
Cheers, Heath, VP

Here is LisaRae’s personal story

LisaRae Ventures, June 2022
“FYI… I got very desperate this evening when my filly dropped to the ground as I was leading her across the arena. She tried to roll, but I wouldn’t let her. She immediately put her head down, closed her eyes and sighed. I thought she was gone! Long story short… She had no upper gut sounds so I gave her a shot of banimine. 30 minutes went by and still no sounds. It was hard to keep her walking.
Being desperate, I decided to spray the area over her upper gut. I’m not even exaggerating when I say within five minutes she began yawning, blowing out her nose and walking like nothing was wrong!! I could hear a few upper gut sounds and lower was more active. I sprayed a few more times over the next hour, and both upper and lower gut were very active and noisy.
I’m guessing she just had gas colic, but I seriously believe that getting her muscles relaxed with this product helped speed up her recovery!!! I know I’ve never seen banamine get these kind of results this fast! Can’t 100% claim this product was the accelerator, but it would take a lot to convince me it wasn’t!!!! Just happy my little girl is okay ūüėć”

UPDATE:¬† Since this original post last year, we have received over 10 very similar stories from panicked customers who saw this article on Facebook and tried Natural Release¬ģ during a crisis.¬† Each one of them had the exact results.¬† Meanwhile here at the farm, we’ve had 5-6 colic scares (with 70 horses here on any given day, that is going to happen.) We always prep for an almost immediate trip to the vet, but as we get ready we are go crazy with the spray just like in the video.¬† In nearly every case, the horse has p–ped either before loading or during the trailer ride.

So if you have Natural Release in the barn, be sure to use it as another tool in your colic arsenal.

Here is what other people are saying as well.

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Testimonial Monday!

Testimonial Monday!

Today we visit www.ValleyVet.com

Here we have cut/pasted just a few of the wonderful No Thrush reviews at www.ValleyVet.com.


Great product!!
April 19, 2021 by CONNIE B.
‚ÄúI have used this product for years now. My horses frog and central sulcus looks great!‚ÄĚ

December 27, 2020 by JL (United States)
‚ÄúWorks well on ‚Äúscratches‚ÄĚ leg fungus too.‚ÄĚ

Great product!
May 19, 2020 by Karen L. (WA, United States)
‚ÄúThis is my go-to product for my horse who tends to get thrush in our wet Washington environment. The powder makes it easy to push up into all the crevices and it works better than any other product I’ve used.‚ÄĚ

A Better & Faster Way to Beat Thrush!
March 10, 2020 by NONA J. (GA, United States)
‚ÄúWorks so much faster than liquid Thrush Buster. It dries the Hoof, Frog & Bulb through desiccation. Thrush is a anaerobic microbe that thrives in wet, non-oxygenated environments. Dry oxygenated environments kill Thrush.‚ÄĚ

Highly recommend!!
March 23, 2019 by Jan
‚ÄúA great, more natural product!! Helped horse heal from scratches in less than one week and hot spots on a friends dog!!‚ÄĚ

Will never be without this
January 27, 2018 by Kaykaypee
‚ÄúI purchased a horse with some of the worst sulcus thrush I have ever seen. Look at the examples on he products website – his feet looked like that. My results were just like the pictures too. You must use as directed and you should have the same results.‚ÄĚ

October 2, 2017 by VICKI (CA, United States)
‚ÄúQuickly knock out thrush in deep crevices.‚ÄĚ

Verified Buyer
‚ÄúGreat buy‚ÄĚ
February 9, 2017 by MYRA K. (KY, United States)
‚ÄúThis is easier to use than the liquid thrush products.‚ÄĚ

Verified Buyer
‚ÄúGreat buy‚ÄĚ
October 3, 2016 by LISA M. (IN, United States)
‚ÄúThe only product to successfully resolve deep thrush.‚ÄĚ

By far, the best for thrush!
August 10, 2016 by Nemo

‚ÄúMy Irish Hunter has suffered from chronic thrush for the past couple of years. I’d use a product (pick almost ANY liquid, I used it), and none completely got rid of the thrush or improved the health of his hooves. He had chronic sore feet when I rode him.

On Easter, my horse underwent colic surgery. It was touch and go for 10-days at New Bolton (they did a superlative job), and once he was home again, he had to have stall rest for two months. As clean as I tried to keep his stall, I knew I’d be dealing with horrible thrush. His feet were quite stinky. I first tried a gel product that was well regarded. Worthless. Then I found No Thrush and read up on it. I liked the concept of a dry treatment that would not only treat the condition, but also deal with the cause — moisture trapped within the hoof and frog crevasses. Because of the severity, I treated him nearly every day for two weeks. I could immediately see the difference.

At three weeks, my farrier came to pull his shoes and trim. He immediately remarked how much better the feet looked and how much healthier they seemed. Months later, with regular use, two of the four frogs are completely healed — no cracks — and the other two cracked frogs are almost completely healed. One has been a little more stubborn than the others, but it’s coming along with no sign of thrush.

The best part: I just rode Romeo for the first time since surgery, yesterday. He was like a different horse. Walked out on the gravel farm road, no hesitation, no dead-dog lame gait. I feel he was saved, not only from his extremely serious colic surgery but from years long, chronic thrush that never seemed to abate. BUY THIS PRODUCT. You won’t be disappointed.‚ÄĚ

July 24, 2016 by Caillou
‚ÄúHaving used ALL thrush products, including the soaking products, this is the most effective thrush product I have used. It’s the easiest for application too! Also, what I love about this, is the new growth is HEALTHY that attests to the healthy bacterial balance in the hoof still remains:)‚ÄĚ

May 6, 2016 by Kaylyn W.
‚ÄúEasy to apply and working well on my geldings heel cracks‚ÄĚ

Love that it’s dry!
January 21, 2016 by Trappersfriend
‚ÄúI have been using this product for over a year and it’s the only product I found that truly gets rid of thrush overnight. It is amazing!‚ÄĚ

Love this stuff!
December 16, 2015 by KDW22
‚ÄúDry thrush treatment makes so much sense! This works really well and quickly. Doesn’t take much so the bottle lasts a while. This is also amazing for rain rot, although treating a larger patch of rain rot will use up the bottle fairly quickly.‚ÄĚ
Four Oaks Farm products

Using NO THRUSH on Scratches (AKA Geasy heel)

Using NO THRUSH on Scratches (AKA Geasy heel)

Hi All,
We’ve had several recent questions about how best to use NO THRUSH on¬†Scratches (greasy heel) so I thought I’d define the best treatment protocols here.
1. Do NOT wash the leg.
2. Do NOT scrub off the scabs. Simply leave it alone.
3. Dust No Thrush on to the affected area. Use a soft brush to help coat the entire area, and also try to brush against the grain so dust gets under the coat.
4. Apply once per day. (and re-apply after any bathing, etc.)A few notes.
* If you must wash the horse, or if he/she is wet from the elements, try your best not to get the scabs soggy. Gently dry the leg with a towel until fully dry.
* We have had some clients using various ointments and washes, etc in conjunction with No Thrush, but eventually they had the best success by following the above treatment plan.   The general rule of thumb is: The less you mess, the better.
*Treatment time varies, but the typical case of scratches takes 5-7 days when using No Thrush.
Hope that helps!
Heath Kizzier
V.P. Four Oaks Farm Products
No Thrush – First Ever DRY Formula
Thrush / Tenderness / Soft Tissue Damage

Thrush / Tenderness / Soft Tissue Damage

Hi All,

Hoping for your input…..
My partner, K. Busfield – creator of NO THRUSH¬†– Dry ¬†also owns an extensive Equine Rehabilitation Center here in¬†Southern California. ¬†She is discovering that well over 95%¬†of the working horses that arrive at her facility due to¬†Soft Tissue Damage (cartilage, tendons, etc), also have moderate-to-severe thrush when they walk in the door.¬† She also notes that in most cases the¬†rehab recovery takes a shorter¬†period if the thrush is properly treated first.¬†Right now we’re looking for anecdotal evidence on a larger scale. Down the line we may push this issue up to¬†an official Vet-university¬†program to scientifically get to the bottom of this.
So for now however, here is what I ask…. For those of you dealing with mystery lameness, suspensory, bowed tendons, strained ligaments, shoulder issues, even neck and back¬†issues…¬†– will you check your horses’ feet to¬†see if you can also find thrush?¬† Often the feet will look dry and healthy, but¬†thrush will most often hide in the Sulcus near the heel bulbs. If there is a crack that seems to go quite deep, you¬†might push on the¬†frog and sulcus¬†just below the heel bulbs. If it’s softer than normal, (might even be…squishy) or if the horse reacts/jerks away from¬†a normal hoof-picking¬†in the Central Sulcus, odds are – that’s thrush.
Our Hypothesis:

It is our belief that these soft tissue injuries can often be avoided if the thrush is diagnosed and treated before the horse self-protectively changes his gait. (usually to a toe-first walking style to avoid pain in the heels.)

This is the progression of our hypothesis.
0. thrush sets in (usually hidden in the sulcus)
1. The thrush creates tenderness. (but not yet noticeable as “lameness”)
2. The tenderness creates an unbalanced stride.
3. The unbalanced stride creates excessive stress on the soft tissue.
4. Soft tissue damage/breaks occur.
The Central Question: If a horse stumbles and injurers himself – what are the odds that¬†he stumbled because of a¬†tentative step¬†due to¬†thrush soreness, and not because he’s clumsy…..?
(I know that if I limp for a few days, I ALWAYS strain the muscles in my back.)
I would love to hear your personal observations. Of course, the trimmers and farriers out there will have comments on the trim/shoeing work, which certainly plays a part in a balanced stride, but my hope here is to anecdotally determine if there is – or is not – a direct link between thrush and soft tissue damage.
Thanks all!
Heath Kizzier
V.P. No Thrush – First Ever DRY Formula
Latest testimonial  – 08/08/2010

Latest testimonial – 08/08/2010

I spotted a banner for your product on thehorse.com.
I had been using a “wet” product called Durasole – obtained through a hoof care professional.¬† She has been trimming my 3 horses for over 5 years, and about 5 months ago (re)taught me to trim myself, and continues to be available for consultation visits.¬†
I began using the Durasole (early – mid¬†June?) on all 3 horses pretty regularly (about 2-3 times a week) when I noticed my younger (11 yo) gelding beginning to seek the firmer, but less rocky/gravelly, ground.¬† My 29 yo has been doing this pretty much since he’s been barefoot (for 10 years now).¬†
I then began the quest to get to the bottom of this thrush business.  None of my horses were displaying the ugly gooey messy type of thrush, but the tender frogs made me begin to get serious about treating for it.
Well, it seemed to me that after several weeks of using the Durasole, all three horses now had actual cases of thrush !!!   I was thinking maybe it was related to it being such a humid summer here this year, WHEN I SPOTTED YOUR BANNER AD !!!!
Your info all made perfectly logical sense to me. 
I saw results with your NO THRUSH within just a few days, and continue to treat as needed.  I have tossed away every other conceivable product for thrush, etc., that was occupying space in my cabinets. 
I am ordering again so that I don’t ever¬†run out of the NO THRUSH, and so that I can have¬†some on hand to get¬†friends and relatives started with it¬†when the need arises for them.
Thank you for putting this product out there and making it available. It is a pleasure to say that it is one of the few products I have tried in my lifetime that has actually done exactly as promised !!!! Thank you for being there !!!
Marcia Cannizzo
Rhode Island