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This is a fantastic story (and Video)!!
A month ago, Mary F. bought some Natural Release, and then emailed us to ask some questions. She asked if it would work on a horse with a bone spur (between C5 and C6 on the neck.) The horse was in misery. We said….”Maybe.” NR is not intended to handle bone issues. However, we said it may help the inflammation issues often associated with Bone Spurs. (I have one in my own back, and know that inflammation is a problem.)
Mary said she was going to methodically try multiple modalities, one at a time, and Natural Release was queued up, but it was last on the list.
Below is Mary’s email that she sent along with the videos a month later.
“The results are in on using NATURAL RELEASE on our horse with the bone spur between C5 and C6.
He has been on a regimen of dex for 20 days and now gets 10 cc every other day.. We felt another modality might be even more helpful. So we tried one at a time. First we tried acupuncture and saw no change. Then cold laser and also saw no change. Then we tried massaging NATURAL RELEASE Muscle and Joint on his neck and then put on a Back on Track neck wrap. We saw a significant change – he warmed up faster and was able to be supple in his neck. Attached are a few videos.
+ The first is Dex only.
+ The second is Dex
and NATURAL RELEASE, along with a neck wrap warmup.) ”
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Thanks for the story and the Videos, Mary! Really appreciate these.
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